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MSM had a field day over the weekend with the 4th annual Halloween haunted house presented by The Door Christian Center in Chandler, AZ….

Lopsided news reports showed moms (anti-life drama queens, IMO – refused to give their last names even as they came on camera, duh) complaining that abortion was depicted as a scary thing, including video of aborted babies.
Showing Freddie-type blood and guts is acceptable; just don’t dramatize the real deal.
Never mind no one under age 13 was allowed in, and the church website advertised this was not your father’s haunted house:

Beware: Final Destination, in its 4th incarnation… is not a traditional haunted house. If you’re looking for a fun and scary activity to work in between bouts of recreational drug use, promiscuous sex, and idol worship, this “haunted house-style attraction” run by evangelical Christians is not for you.

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Unless, that is, you’re willing to watch a doctor hold down a screaming patient during a mock abortion before going back to your normal weekend routine of smoking up a hooker (using a Bible as rolling paper) while listening to Marilyn Manson.
Final Destination is, however, very well put together, with great acting, impressive production values, and passionate workers who’ll do their best to save your soul. If you’re a remorseless heathen who’s Hell-bound anyway, or if you’re maybe interested in getting saved, Final Destination makes for a pretty ***** entertaining night.

And never mind the loopholes in AZ’s parental involvement laws would allow any of their daughters no matter what age to get the real deal. One mom complained that depicting abortion was “R-rated.” Get real. A 10-year-old can get an abortion sans parental consent in AZ if shown the way by the abortion industry. If only the actual event were “R-rated.”
Still, waa waa…


I can’t speak to appropriateness of the haunted house’s portrayal of abortion, since I didn’t see it. But the concept of showing abortion as frightening and murderous to teens is certainly appropriate.
[Photo via Phoenix New Times]

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