cool, amie newman, rh reality check, abortion, pro-choice, pro-life.jpgI don’t know when it happened. Maybe we’re in the middle of it. But a couple unrelated observations yesterday made me realize “pro-choice” is losing its coolness in liberaland.
1st was Amie Newman’s post on RH Reality Check entitled, “Dear progressive allies in health care reform: Where were you on the Stupak Amendment?” Amie took liberal groups to task for ignoring the abortion issue…

In my email inbox, I’m getting elation-infused emails from, my state Democratic party, Americans for Democratic Action, even SEIU. Organizations for which I have tremendous respect – truly. But even as your emails proclaim that “the fight is far from over”, none of you mention the heinous hit women’s access to abortion care took when this House bill was passed.
Not one of your emails even references the fight pro-choice legislators and women’s health advocates have ahead of us. Not one of your emails touches on the ways in which abortion access is critical to a broader progressive agenda….

We pro-lifers are used to being the red-haired stepchildren of the conservative movement, continually fighting fiscals and politicians against ignoring our issue.
But I’d never read a similar lament from the other side. Interesting. Amie and I could probably go for coffee and compare notes were we not arch enemies, which is too bad. Maybe on Christmas Eve we can call a truce like the Germans and Americans did during WWII. But I digress.
2nd, I was forced to sit through this Pearl Jam/Target ad before getting to watch a news video I was interested in….

That Target hand stamp at the very beginning… It took me back to the 1992 MTV Unplugged concert when Eddie Vedder wrote “PRO-CHOICE!!!” on his arm with black magic marker. It comes at about 2:15…

I thought, I don’t think he’d do that today. Not only because Vedder has aged some and it would be a tad creepy for a 44-year-old man to write “PRO-CHOICE!!!” on his arm… but something has changed in the past 17 years. “Pro-choice” isn’t so hip anymore. It’s sad. It’s worn and tired.
I think it’s lost its cool.
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