State of emergency, Planned Parenthood, Pelosi, healthcare, abortion, Cecile Richards.jpgPlanned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards has just sent the following emergency email.
Of course, pro-lifers should use the number Richards provides to call their rep to tell him/her to vote YES on the Stupak/Pitts pro-life amendment to the nationalized healthcare bill. [JLS note: Do NOT call Cecile’s number! Call 202-224-3121 instead. Per reader Vicki: “The phone number in Richards’ email leads to a recorded message from her. Then it rings forever and a message comes on that no one answered (DUH!). THEN, I got a text thanking me for speaking out for reproductive health care.]
And of course, Richards is lying. As I explained in my previous post

This amendment keeps the status quo. It is identical to the current federal employees’ insurance plan, which does not cover abortion, which is to say that currently a pregnant mother who works for the federal government and wants to abort is free to do with her own money.
Under the Stupak/Pitts amendment any low-income pregnant mother who would get her insurance through the government would have to do to the same. Or if she has a private insurance plan that is subsidized by the federal government, that private company could not pay for her abortion.

One final note, I like how Cecile provides cut-and-paste messages for Facebook and Twitter. Good idea. We should do the same.
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