Palin.jpgModerator Carla met Sarah Palin at a Mall of America book signing in MN on December 7 and shared the experience on her blog:

I shook Sarah’s hand as I got to her and asked if she would sign my shirt. She did! She signed my book and I handed her a precious feet pin and told her it was in memory of Tad (her baby lost to miscarriage). She got teary eyed and said, “That is just so precious! Thank you! God bless you! Todd, isn’t that precious?” He nodded. I told her that I loved her and she said she loved me too. I shook Todd’s hand and told him it was so nice to meet him….


I was interviewed by Star Tribune and someone else videotaped me yapping about Sarah Palin. Many folks took pictures of my signed shirt. I guess she is not supposed to do that. I submit that she can pretty much do whatever she wants. Her book. Her gig. Her people.

The shirt Carla wore, signed by Sarah, was designed by moderator Bethany. Contact Bethany for information on ordering your own Sarah Palin tee.
See the video interview with Carla below:

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