Gallup has released a poll in conjunction with USA Today listing the 2009 political winners and losers.
To start, I have a problem with the choices…
Gallup political winners and losers choices.pngWhat about listing any number of liberal news hosts to balance against Glenn Beck, like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, or Keith Olbermann? (And why list Beck in his lesser known role as “radio talk show host”? Not wanting to give Fox any publicity?)
What about the Democrats in Congress?
What about Rep. Alan “Get Sick and Die Quickly” Grayson in contrast to Joe Wilson?
What about former presidential nominee John Edwards much more the sexual cad than Mark Sanford?
And who cares about the Sahalis? Al Gore or Bart Stupak would have been much more interesting choices.
Oh, whatever. Here are the winners and losers. Click all to enlarge….

GALLUP, political winners 2009.png
GALLUP, political losers 2009.png
GALLUP, 2009 neither winners nor losers.png

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