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  • Via the RH Reality Check blog, I learned that rebel nun Donna Quinn is now using Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a hero of “Choice.” From a Chicago Tribune blog:
  • Despite a public reprimand from her religious order last month, Chicago’s pro-choice Roman Catholic nun, Sister Donna Quinn, is not backing down from her support of abortion rights, applauding the defeat of an amendment today that would have added restrictions to the health care bill for women seeking abortions.
    Citing a poem about the Virgin Mary, Quinn noted the providential date of the amendment’s defeat….

    “I was reminded of being with men and women from the Unitarian faith tradition last year as they celebrated Mary who by her assent, they believed, was one of the first women in the New Testament to express Choice,” Quinn said.

  • The Baltimore Sun has an editorial by a woman named Dana Weinstein who decided to abort her nearly 8-month unborn child because the child had a serious unnamed brain defect (from Weinstein’s description it sounds like encephaly):
  • Never in my worst nightmare did I imagine I would need to have an abortion – and certainly not late term.

    Weinstein didn’t need an abortion and this becomes crystal clear later in her piece where her and her husbands “wants” are mentioned. I can never understand it when pro-choicers who glorify “choice” try to act like their abortion was needed and they didn’t have a choice. It’s like they don’t even believe their own rhetoric:

    We did not want our child’s existence to depend solely on feeding tubes and machines. We did not want to bring a child into this world who would only be here in a vegetative state, never knowing his or her big brother or parents. For this child, for our son and for our family, my husband and I made the heartbreaking decision to terminate. We did the most loving, humane act a parent could do – put an end to our baby’s suffering.

    No. You put an end to your baby’s life, not your baby’s suffering. Killing is not the answer to human suffering.

  • AUL’s blog notes how the Omnibus funding bill allows the District of Columbia to use tax dollars to pay for abortions.
  • Travis County in TX has renewed government contracts with two abortion clinics to pay for abortions performed on poor women. How’s this for muddled thinking?
  • Board member Clarke Heidrick, who is an attorney, says in his view and in most instances, “abortion is wrong.”
    But Heidrick says abortions are legal and that continuing the contracts will support the district’s mission of providing health services to those who can’t afford to pay for care.

  • Uganda has dropped a clause from a bill which would have sentenced homosexuals to the death penalty or life imprisonment.
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