So what else is new? The pro-abortion group NARAL began running a deceitful ad this weekend on tv cable channels in pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak’s MI district. The ad falsely describes the House amendment he co-sponsored to keep public funded abortion out of its socialized healthcare bill.
According to, NARAL will also run the ad “in other key midsize media markets, including Richmond, VA, Raleigh, NC, and the Portland and Bangor markets in ME,” explaining:

The ME markets make sense because Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins could be key votes in blocking the Stupak amendment, particularly since there are likely to be some Democratic defections. (Ben Nelson of NE is likely to introduce the Stupak-like language in the Senate, for example.) NARAL said the VA and NC markets were selected because abortion opponents have been active in those states and it wants to hold onto votes in both.

Here’s the ad…

A Stupak press release issued in response disassembles the NARAL ad, lie by lie…

NARAL falsely claims Stupak introduced abortion into America’s health care debate. It was Congresswoman Capps (D-CA) who injected abortion into health care with her amendment. The Capps amendment attempted to set a new precedent for abortion funding, essentially negating the Hyde language that has been law for more than 30 years. The Capps amendment mandated at least one insurance plan provide abortion coverage; required a minimum $1 monthly charge for every enrollee in the public option that would go toward paying for abortion; and, allowed individuals receiving federal affordability credits to purchase health insurance plans that cover abortion.
The Stupak amendment responded by striking the Capps amendment out of HR 3962.
NARAL falsely claims Stupak is trying to make it more difficult than ever before for women to buy insurance coverage for abortion in the new health care system, even if they use their own money. Yet, nothing in the Stupak amendment prevents women from purchasing abortion coverage with private funds. In fact, no matter which plan a person chooses they may purchase additional abortion coverage using private dollars.
Under the Stupak amendment, only the public health insurance option and private plans that receive federal subsidies will be prohibited from covering abortion. It does not prevent individuals or private plans within the health insurance exchange from purchasing or offering abortion services when paid for with their own money.
NARAL falsely claims the Stupak amendment imposes one of the worst restrictions on a woman’s right to choose in a generation.
The Stupak amendment is in line with current law, as well as public opinion and does not restrict any woman’s ability to obtain abortion services. Current law prohibits federal funding of abortion and insurance policies that cover abortion through programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. The Stupak amendment is continuation of this policy – nothing more, nothing less.
According to recent polls by Washington PostABC News and CNN, 61% of Americans do not support the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. Additionally, 64 pro-life and pro-choice Democrats voted for the Stupak amendment….


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