At age 80, abortionist Eugene Glick died on January 10 in Chico, CA.
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Glick segued from obstetrician to abortionist in part, according to the New York Times, after watching his then girlfriend, now widow, get an infection after illegally aborting their baby in 1951.
Glick started by committing illegal abortions in the 1960s after graduating medical school, as quoted from Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health

I started looking for ways to circumvent the law. When I first got involved, it was for personal friends or people I knew who were having a problem. The first abortion that I remember performing was on a woman who was a girlfriend of my best friend. She was able to walk out about an hour later. They were both desperate not to be pregnant.

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As soon as I started doing it, someone else is going to tell someone else, is going to tell someone else, because everyone wants to help each other. It’s an evolutionary thing. You know, you do it once or twice, then you feel good about it. Then you feel better.
And you realize you can do it and it’s a simple thing and why the hell doesn’t this become legal? Because if it’s not legal, look what happens. I know other physicians who went through the same process, and who honestly feel that this is a tremendous service to women. To be able to give them a safe, comfortable abortion.

In a 2003 PRCH documentary, Glick described a patient he saw after she attempted to self-abort…

In 1977, according to NYT, Glick began aborting full-time. According to PRCH, Glick was the “medical director” – chief abortionist – at the West End Women’s Medical Group in Reno, NV, from 1978 to 1992, where he was the “recognized leader in the modern, caring, and gentle abortion technique,” according to its website.
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Glick went on to write the book, Surgical Abortion, in 1998, on how to commit abortion procedures, including 2nd trimester D&Es..
By 2004 Glick attained the status of Emeritus Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of NV Medical School in Reno, according to an amicus brief he, along with 62 other abortionists, filed in 2004 in support of partial birth abortion when late-term abortionst LeRoy Carhart sued John Ashcroft.
And now Glick is dead. A life that could have been heroically spent helping pregnant mothers in desperate situations find their way to good lives for themselves and their babies – including his own child – was instead spent killing babies.
What a tragic, pathetic obituary.

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