Wow, I think I set a personal record, gleaning 28 political cartoons from this week’s pile that I thought were pretty good. So like last week I’ll confine myself today to posting my top 5 favorites.
This first one wins the “Ewww” award, by Lisa Benson of
cartoon 1-24, lisa benson, gocomics 1-21 oakley sank obama care.gif
by Mike Luckovich at

cartoon 1-24, Mike Luckovich, gocomics 1-23 edwards, ok im her father.gif
by Michael Ramirez at
by John Deering at
cartoon 1-24, John Deering, gocomics 1-23 michelle feeding dog bush's fault.gif
by Chuck Asay at
cartoon 1-24, Chuck Asay, gocomics, 1-23 let's make a constitutional deal.gif