This cartoon was posted as “Views America” at January 29 and comes via Cartoon Arts International
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I’m perhaps not the only pro-lifer who finds poignant, obviously unintended, meaning in that cartoon. I don’t know… justice? now he knows how it feels? I’m sure other pro-lifers can better articulate subliminal take-aways.
Obama and the Born Alive issue are at the forefront of my mind after reading an insightful commentary on by Ken Blackwell last night (italics his)….

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is better than a stopped clock: He’s right more than twice a day. But even as a thoughtful liberal, he bears the burden of knowing many things that are not so.
Ten years ago, he wrote a painfully honest column on Partial-Birth Abortion. He described this horrific killing procedure and said it made him shudder. He wrote powerfully that he shuddered at the people who do not shudder.
That was then. In the last election go-round, Cohen did not shrink – or shudder – at supporting Sen. Barack Obama for President. Not only did Barack Obama support Partial-Birth Abortion, as an IL state senator he was even unwilling to protect the child who survives an abortion. Richard Cohen didn’t shudder; he shrugged. Cohen is no single issue man….

What did we really know about John Edwards, Cohen asks now. Well, Edwards is finished. But Barack Obama is not finished. And Cohen asks the same question:
What do we really know about him? “Let Obama be Obama,” some of Cohen’s liberal friends are saying. They know that he was always supposed to be their Reagan. Now, Cohen asks, what does that mean?…
I have to dispute Cohen on one point about Reagan. Whenever the call went up to “let Reagan be Reagan,” it did not necessarily mean a hard right turn. Integral to the Reagan political identity was his firm pro-life stance.
The close identification of this oldest of our Presidents with the youngest of Americans gave this strong man a kinder and gentler aspect. The man who could say to dictators and terrorists: “You can run, but you can’t hide,” could weep unashamedly upon being told that, because of his administration’s appeals, a Baby Doe on Long Island did not die.
Her parents had been advised not to let their Downs Syndrome newborn have a simple operation to clear her blocked esophagus. Because Ronald Reagan spoke, hearts were touched and lives were saved. At least on this, let Obama be Reagan. Then, none of us will have to shudder.

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