Here’s the backstory. From the Associated Press today:
PLanned Parenthood, Birmingham, abortion.png

A Birmingham abortion clinic that was targeted in an undercover sting by anti-abortion activists has been put on probation by the state.
State health officials tell The Associated Press that the Planned Parenthood clinic has until next week to present its plan to correct violations involving minors receiving abortions….

Investigators with the department said records at the clinic showed several minors aged 13-15 had received abortions without proper verification of parental consent since November 2008.
Activists with “Live Action,” a CA-based anti-abortion group, posed as a pregnant 14-year-old girl who needed a secret abortion. In an audio tape from the visit, an employee allegedly suggests that someone other than a parent or legal guardian could give consent.
The group’s claim last year led AL health officials to investigate.

Here’s that undercover video…

Good job, Lila and Live Action.
[HT: Lila Rose]

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