UPDATE, 2/24, 10:27a: Milwaukee’s TMJ4.com had some interesting quotes when reporting this story. Contrary to Huyck’s contention, PP counselor Sonia expressed quite clearly she was willing to help the alleged 14-year-old cover up the rape by her 31-year-old boyfriend:
Planned Parenthood, Milwaukee, abortion, rape.png

However, Planned Parenthood WI’s president and CEO [Teri Huyck] said the case could not be reported to police because Rose would not disclose her name or any identifying information when she went to the clinic….

A spokesman from the Milwaukee Co. DA’s office said investigators are looking at the case in conjunction with Milwaukee Police. “We need to gather more specific information about this matter before we can begin to assess whether it rises to the level of criminal conduct,” wrote Chief Deputy DA Kent Lovern in an e-mail….
Several other pro-choice groups, including the National Organization for Women, declined to comment on the controversy.

2/23, 2:43p: President Obama released his healthcare bill yesterday providing an astounding $11 billion to “Community Health Centers” like Planned Parenthood….
Planned Parenthood, Milwaukee, abortion, Lila Rose.pngToday, LiveAction.org, led by undercover student journalist Lila Rose, released its 9th video showing the 10th Planned Parenthood clinic deliberately covering up child sex abuse.
The new undercover footage shows staff at the Milwaukee, WI, PP abortion mill located at 302 N. Jackson St. (ironically in the “Manly Building”) counseling a purportedly 14-year-old girl not to tell anyone about her 31-year-old boyfriend and coaching her how to obtain an abortion without her parents’ consent. If healthcare passes, PP will be getting billions of tax dollars to cover up child sex abuse cases like this….

Read LA’s press release here.
When will our elected representatives stop funding this organization showing a consistent pattern of underage rape cover-up? It is inconceivable that Obama would instead provide it with additional funding.

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