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I’ve learned something new. You know how new moms often immediately forget the pain of their labor when seeing their newborn for the 1st time? Well, post-abortive moms appear to experience this phenomenon. Last night live tweeting abortion mom Angie Jackson posted:
angie first bad cramps, abortion.png
Those following the trials, tribulations, cramping, difficulty walking across the room, headaches, nausea, and vomiting of Angie’s abortion for the past several days know her memory isn’t quite accurate. Angie’s Vicodin popping (17 in 6 days at last count) didn’t appear to take the edge off her pain when she was in the thick of her RU-486 abortion. Nor did her “fairly useless” BF help….

Angie, actually you wrote that “[c]ramps… about as bad as the worst day of (my usually fairly bad) period” occurred way back on February 22 at 7:17a, and your “first sharp pain” was on February 23 at 10:02a. Not sure where your latest cramps rank in conjunction with those descriptions. But they’re not as new as you appear not to recall.
I suspected Angie might experience fuzzy memory phenomenon, 1 reason for capturing her tweets. This post picks up the chronology from Part V.
i support antitheistangie 1.pngMeanwhile, ABC News has posted its article about Angie. Read it and be unsurprised by the slant.
And we have our 1st copycat live tweeting abortion mom! Read tweets by nextthurs if you care.
i support antitheistangie 2.jpgBut Angie Jackson will always be credited as the 1st! Andy Warhol famously said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Angie’s 15 are for being the 1st to live tweet her abortion. Congrats, Angie.
Someone has even designed Angie her own buttons and badges, way cool.
But I digress. Back to Angie’s RU-486 abortion…
Slide27, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide28, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide29. live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide30, live tweeting abortion.PNG
Slide31, live tweeting abortion.PNG

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