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Last April abortionist Laurent Delli-Bovi attempted to quell concerns of prospective new neighbors on Harvard St. in Brookline Village, MA.
Brookline, Lolly, 2009, abortion.jpgDelli-Bovi (pictured left at a 2009 “Champions for Choice” MA NARAL event) owns the last of 3 abortion mills in town since their heyday in the ’90s.
“Lolly,” as Delli-Bovi is known to friends, said she had to move from a more isolated location to the Harvard St. spot – which is next door to a day care center, and near an elementary school, other day care centers, grocery store, dry cleaner, other small businesses, and homes – or close.
“If it doesn’t work out, we won’t exist,” said Delli-Bovi according to, to which neighbors said fine but town officials didn’t….

Brookline, Jesse, PP of MA.jpgI’m sure the presence of Jesse Mermell on Brookline’s Board of Selectmen (executive officers of the town), also the VP of Planned Parenthood of MA, had nothing to do with anything. (Mermell is pictured right at a 2008 “Champions for Choice” MA NARAL event.)
To assurances that MA has a buffer zone law prohibiting protests within 35 feet of an abortion mill, neighbors said so what? Protesters will only stand in front of our shop, not yours.
Not to worry. According to, “Belli-Dovi… said fears about protestors were overblown, insisting that her Chestnut Hill location only sees 2 or 3 protestors on occasion…. ‘I don’t think we have any reason to think our experience [in Brookline Village] will be different,’ she said.”
Neighbors went on to sue Brookline Village officials for not looking out for their best interest when approving Delli-Bovi’s request for a zoning change. They lost on a technicality but are appealing.
Which brings us to yesterday, the grand opening of Delli-Bovi’s Women’s Health Services on Harvard St. According to

Though today’s crowd appeared to peak at about 20 protesters, [Police Chief Daniel] O’Leary said he expects a larger group to show up on Saturday, when anti-abortion protesters regularly gather to picket a Planned Parenthood on Commonwealth Avenue.

According to the Boston Globe

Businesses nearby on Harvard St. felt the presence of the protesters yesterday, as well.
Several demonstrators ended up standing in front of Williams Piano on Harvard St. yesterday because a state-mandated buffer zone requires protesters to stand at least 35 feet away from entrances to abortion clinics.
Earlene Williams, president of Williams Piano, said she is hoping the antiabortion protesters do not hurt her business.
“We’re coping for the moment,” she said.

Also according to the Boston Herald

When he walked his child to preschool yesterday morning, Brookline resident David Gray passed several antiabortion protesters… who had signs with photos of fetuses and one that said, “Thou shall not kill.”

Brrokline, photo, abortion.jpg

So after Gray left his child at school for the day, he walked up to the demonstrators and asked that they refrain from holding up signs with graphic images that could scare young children….
But Gray and dozens of other parents who can be seen walking hand-in-hand with their children on the way to school… every morning might have to get used to the sight of antiabortion demonstrations.
Protesters said they plan to be outside 111 Harvard St. every day now….

A couple points.
1st, no justice, no peace. Disturbance and civil unrest follows abortion, and it always will. Bravo to the pro-life protesters. They are adversely impacting abortion not only in their town but around the country, cementing concerns communities everywhere should have about murderous abortion mills attempting to locate in peaceful neighborhoods.
2nd, parental anger is misplaced. Abortion protesters are only showing photos outside of what the abortionist is doing inside. It is too bad small children must be exposed to the reality of abortion in the crossfire, but I’d rather they see a picture than be one.
Here was a hoot of a headline and opening blurb from the pro-abortion blog, RH Reality Check
RH REality check, callous disregard for children, abortion, brookline.png

Those that work clinic defense know that abortion protesters, who sometimes bring children with them, often seem to care more for what’s in other women’s bodies than the needs of actual children. At [sic] the new clinic in MA, located close to a school, is no exception. On day one of the new health care clinic in Brookline, and the anti-abortion protesters show up with gruesome signs.

Let’s get this straight. While RH Reality Check promotes the murder of preborn children it dares to call pro-lifers showing photos of the murders of preborn children the ones who show “callous disregard for children.” Got it.
[Top photo via the Boston Globe; bottom photo via]

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