Planned Parenthood: My Condom Valentine

UPDATE, 2/12, 7:13a: Glad to see picking up this story.
tic tac toe, planned parenthood, condoms, valentines day.png2/11, 10:08a: Question: If Planned Parenthood’s honest goal is to help women control their procreation – to plan their parenthood – why does it expend so much energy promoting sexual titillation and promiscuity?
Answer: Obviously the organization has become financially dependent on selling contraceptives and abortion, and what better way to increase sales than promote rampant sex.
Quick case in point, condom Valentines Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has made available to print and send on Valentine’s Day….

Someone might say these could apply to husbands, but I question the monogamy of a marriage where discussions about “safe sex” are necessary, which these days are as least as much about transmission of sexually transmitted diseases as guarding against pregnancy.
And what good do condoms do anyway? Our good friend Gerard Nadal posted a thorough piece on this topic February 9. The other side’s own source shows condoms have a 15% annual failure rate (which I also quoted in a WND column last month), leading to these shocking statistics, from (click to enlarge):
probably of pregnancy over 5 years condom use, abortion, Planned Parenthood.png
With those kinds of stats, how “safe” should one feel having condom sex with a person who has HIV? Gerard goes into great detail on the STD epidemic.
So back to those PP VD cards, here they are. Another troubling aspect is they are consistent with PP’s constant message that romance and love are equated to sex. Click all to enlarge…

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  1. recreational sex without consequences is what they are promoting so when their educators claim to discuss abstinence in schools it is surely with a wink and a knowing smile.

  2. Excellent points. If one’s “heart is forever” and will “always be true” then why the worry about safe sex? Sounds like a lifetime monogamous relationship to me. a

  3. They can try to romanticize condoms, but I’m sorry, they’re just not. At all. It’s about as romantic as holding hands with a latex glove on. And sexy? Please. (And for the record, I’m not some prudish biddy. I’m 24.)

  4. “…but I question the monogamy of a marriage where discussions about “safe sex” are necessary,…”
    Not all married couples are monogamous, or want to be.

  5. No, condoms don’t necessarily prevent the spread of AIDS and other STDs, but they are often highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, and thus prevent many,many abortions.
    Catholics and others who object to condoms because they are opposed to sex for anything other than procreation fail to realize that one reason why many abortions occur is because many people are irresponsible and DON’T use them.
    I’m not saying that it’s a good idea to be indulgent and reckless sexually, but it’s totally unrealistic to expect only married couples to have sex.
    Let’s face it; you cannot stop the human sex drive; people are going to have sex whether they are married,single,divorced,widowed,straight,gay,bisexual, young or old. This is the way things have always been and always will be as long as there are human beings on earth.
    And saying that you shouldn’t use condoms because they don’t always work is like saying you shouldn’t wear seatbelts in cars because they don’t always work. Duh….

  6. Robert, statistics (from Guttmacher) show that 92% of women having abortions have been using contraceptives, either in the past or, for some 54%, during the month they became pregnant. Women have access to contraceptives. They’ve been taught how to use them, where to get them, all that stuff. They are choosing not to use them. And it’s not for moral reasons. Not even Catholics (statistically) follow the Catholic Church’s teaching on this. Catholics use contraceptives at about the same rate as everyone else. So blaming Catholics for the reckless behavior of others is just plain silly.

  7. Robert,
    Duh? I’m all for intelligent discussions on the use of condoms or the promotion of “safe sex” education for our youth but to end your statement with a duh? Seriously? Now, instead of reading what you had to say with maybe a point by point rebuttal, I’ll just ignore it as something my 12 year old son would say to his little sister!

  8. And just to clarify, Catholics aren’t “opposed to sex for anything other than procreation.” They’re opposed to sex that is purely for self-gratification, sex that artificially excludes the possibility of procreation. But it’s not like a couple can’t have sex for other reasons. Contraceptive sex is kinda like eating because you really enjoy the taste of food, and then taking laxatives to prevent your body from digesting the nutrients. It’s hard to exclude procreation as one of the purposes of sex. I mean, why else would it involve depositing sperm near a woman’s cervix?

  9. Parents should bring a class action suit against this mercenary slimepit to force a name-change. It is and always has been Planned Sexhood.

  10. Courtney, I wasn’t blaming Catholics for the reckless behavior of others. You aparently didn’t read what I wrote carefully. What I said meant was that Catholics have extremely unrealistic ideas about human sexuality.
    And yes, many abortions ARE the result of people not using contraceptives.
    If the Vatican makes certain decrees to Catholics about human sexuality, and tells them what they may or may not do, that is none of my business as a non-catholic and non-christian.
    But what bothers me is the way so many Catholics want to impose rules about sexuality based on what tTHEY have been taught on the rest of this nation. That is wrong. This nation is not a theocracy….yet.

  11. Hal, are you saying that married couples don’t care if their spouses CHEAT on them, you know, commit ADULTERY?
    Monogamy means committed to ONE person. And ONE only. What you are saying is that Mrs Smith would care less if her husband Mr. Smith had a girlfriend or mistress on the side (“some married couples don’t want to be monogamous…”)
    This thing is disgusting!
    I think “of the heartland” is the affiliate in Lincoln. *gags*

  12. ” They really want you to staple a condom to the card? Wouldn’t that put a hole in…ah, never mind. ”
    You need to stop this little exercise known as “thinking,” bmmg! Geeze!

  13. Robert, sorry, I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth. But if Catholic notions about human sexuality are unrealistic, then why exactly did these same ideas work on a social level before the “sexual revolution”? People used to expect spouses to be faithful within marriage, and kids to be abstinent until they married. And by and large, that’s what happened. I think our expectations and mores have a lot to do with how we actually behave. We’re humans, not sex machines. We have the ability to control our actions. If that weren’t the case, then sex would have no meaning at all.

  14. Fascinating how many people here equate unprotected sex with true love and sex with a condom to be ‘artificial.’ Nice way to judge. Nice way to put down responsible sexual behavior. What a fantasy world they live in.
    And in this fantasy world, apparently, acknowledging and distributing condoms is the same thing as marketing casual sex. Did anyone notice the cars are designed for young couples?

  15. Robert,
    You misunderstand the Catholic view on sex, which is simply this-real love means withholding nothing, INCLUDING your fertility. For some of us sex means more than rutting. Part of the legacy of the culture of death has been the death of exactly what I mentioned above. We live in a throwaway world where children are discarded before birth. It has a ripple effect on every part of society. Meaningless sex is just some of the wreckage abortion on demand has left behind. Some of us equate sex with love because that was our Creator’s intent when he gave us the privelege in the first place.

  16. I think Hal was talking about couples that “swing”. There are many men and women who are married who enjoy sleeping with other people, are aware of each other sleeping with other people, and either have no problem with it or even like the idea of their spouse sleeping with other people. Personally, I don’t get it, but there it is.

  17. Austin,
    Speaking for myself, though I believe may of the commenters here would agree, we who are married have no want for truly meaningful, life-affirming sexual intercourse. Many of us do not use contraceptives for religious reasons. Also, no real man would ever expect his wife to pump her body full of cancer-inducing contraceptive hormones. Reciprocally, no loving wife would ask her husband to shower wearing a rain coat.
    Visit the link in my post above to see the CDC data on condom effectiveness and correlative STD rates since the mid-1960’s. I wrote that piece not as a Victorian scold, but as a medical microbiologist.
    As for condom use and “relief” that’s the sort of sad excuse non-married people have for love-making. It’s really nothing more than 3D masturbation.
    Happy Saint Valentine’s day to you as well. May it bring with it true love.

  18. Austin:
    “So the Planned Parenthood organization is taking steps to promote condom use and safe-sex via cute and silly Valentine’s day cards. So what? These are cute and quirky. Certainly not an effort in promoting promiscuity.”
    I’m just a little curious. If the cards are promoting safe sex, which by definition is not for married people but for unmarried people, how is it not promoting promiscuity-as promiscuity is by definition having a robust extramarital sex life?
    These cards aren’t promoting chastity and fidelity.

  19. x– I don’t get it either, but it’s more common than I would have thought.
    “People used to expect spouses to be faithful within marriage, and kids to be abstinent until they married. And by and large, that’s what happened. ”
    I’m not sure that’s true.

  20. I guess my concern and disgust with these greeting cards is the utter lack of respect that should be shown toward sex. Are we not more than animals? This is like giving someone a handi-wipe after dinner.

  21. Gerard –
    You are right. The CDC isn’t confident at all that condoms actually prevent STD’s. Heck, in some cases like HPV they barely protect against them.
    From the CDC:
    “In addition, consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including diseases transmitted by genital secretions, and to a lesser degree, genital ulcer diseases. Condom use may reduce the risk for genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and HPV-associated diseases, e.g., genital warts and cervical cancer…..”
    So condoms “reduce the risk” to “a lesser degree” which “may reduce” nothing. I’m sure the comprehensive sex ed classes miss those little tidbits of facts.
    Something else I don’t understand. When it comes to our health we try to eliminate what makes us sick. EX – smoking causes cancer so people have banned smoking in public places. Eating fatty foods cause obesity and heart problems so they are trying to eliminate the bad fats from fast food restaurants. Filters on cigarettes didn’t work. Using different oils didn’t work. So banning and exclaiming all the horrible things about it is what is done with lifestyles that makes us ill. With the exception of promiscuous sex, of course. There is no want to try to stop promiscuous sex that spreads STD’s.
    Pathetic if you really think about it.

  22. Condoms:The more you use them the least effective they are.
    Abstinence: The more you use it the more effective it is.

  23. When will women get it?
    Induced abortion is a boon to males who wish to use women for their personal playmates, their pleasure toy, and then discard them when through with them?
    Why do women think men want women to abort babies when the guy impregnates her?
    He does NOT wish the responsibility of raising a child and he does not really love her and wish to stand by her, and be true to her.
    Women and girls, when a man says he loves you and then wants sex but wants YOU to use “protection,” and, if you become pregnant, he acts standoffish, wants you to “fix it,” or “get rid of it,” or if he harasses and coerces you to get your baby butchered by an abortionist and his or her staff, what is he really saying to you?
    If he wants you, why is he treating you like a sex object, something feminists complained about, but then turn around and betray in pushing abortion?
    He loves you, but he doesn’t love your baby?
    He loves you, but he is okay with you spreading your legs so a stranger can engage in medically raping your, putting you at risk of never having your baby in the future?
    He loves you but he is okay with someone inserting cutting tools and other objects into your body and hurting you, killing your child?
    Yeah! That’s “Love.”
    If that is Love then I am Superman, Yoda, the wealthiest man in the world, and the guy with the highest IQ in history, and I have all the cures of all diseases free of charge, painlessly, instantly, all wrapped in one.

  24. These cards are creepy. Why would they send out cards, is their business in a slump, is the bad economy hitting them hard, are they having to resort to advertising and soliciting. Even if I had gotten an abortion from them, it would creep me out if I got a card telling me I should send a valentines card to the doctor that performed my abortion. What should it say, “Be my bloody valentine!!”

  25. These cards are creepy. Why would they send out cards, is their business in a slump, is the bad economy hitting them hard, are they having to resort to advertising and soliciting. Even if I had gotten an abortion from them, it would creep me out if I got a card telling me I should send a valentines card to the doctor that performed my abortion. That is just sick!!

  26. Wow, Planned Parenthood. Stay classy.
    There’s really nothing romantic about condoms. Depending on their personal taste, some people might find them sexy, but I’m willing to bet that most people who use condoms regard them as a necessary nuisance. Either way, they don’t lend themselves to romance. “Darling, I adore you! I love you passionately! Here, in the card I give you on this most romantic of days, I will place a rolled-up rubber bag into which one of us will ejaculate before throwing it in the garbage!”
    Nuh-uh. Maybe if you use condoms you buy another box just before Valentine’s Day, but as the featured attraction in the card? You’ve got to be joking.

  27. Everyone is missing the most important point here and that is obeying the Ten Commandments…
    THOU SHALL NOT KILL………. Go to and watch the 3D or 4D live abortion and you will see babies at 5 weeks scream and jump and try to get away from the suction cup…. it kicks, it mouth opens… it is a HUMAN…….. YOUR BLOOD AND FLESH… MAYBE YOUR ONLY I MEAN ONLY TIME TO EVER CONCEIVE IN YOUR LIFE……. ADOPTION IS THE OPTION……. DONT WANT TO GET PREGNANT THEN KEEP YOUR TO YOURSELF TILL MARRIAGE…. GODS HOLY INTENTION…… WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIFT TO YOUR HUSBAND……. GET IT LADYS….. The plagues are here… HIV, HPV,,and other STD’s are from GOD and YES I mean from GOD….. punishment for SIN….
    READ YOUR BIBLE>……… SAVE YOUR SOUL FROM THE PITS OF HELL…. Repent before it is too late and encourage others as well… we are in the final days of earth….

  28. Faith:
    How do you have time to respond with such fervor to a silly little website? Shouldn’t a devout (and obviously deranged) fanatic such as yourself be preparing for the rapture? Aren’t you supposed to be leaving soon?
    The so-called “silent scream” images have all been but discredited. And I don’t even want to open the can of worms defining life between conception, birth, etc. It’s ok if we have different opinions, but for the love of my understanding and loving and very liberal God, TYPING IN ALL CAPS DOESN’T MAKE YOUR POINT ANY MORE VALID!
    It kind of just makes you look like a loon.
    The use of condoms is most definitely not just for promiscuous heathens. Many (dare I say normal?) married and monogomous couples realize that it is 2010 and there is no need or reason to be parenting a brood of 14 children. There is more to life, more to being a man and a woman than simply “rutting” and breeding a litter of children you may or may not be able to support. Condom use in committed relationships is responsible, not damnable. I shudder to think of the amount of families that would further leech from our pockets via welfare if condoms weren’t readily available.
    In the same respect, it’s ridiculous to say that sex is only a means of procreation. Sexual intimacy is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, but that gift shouldn’t have to be riddled with worry that everytime you express your physical love you should risk popping out another puppy.

  29. I love how conservatives are always portrayed as heartless *skinflints who can’t stand providing for the poor, but the typically liberal “pro-choice” crowd always go around advocating extermination for the poor via abortion because they don’t want to have to pay for them on welfare.

  30. Austin,
    You obviously do not know about Natural Family Planning (NFP), and if you have heard of it, you probably have it confused with the “rhythm” method.
    Rhythm is to NFP what a kazoo is to an oboe or a flute.
    I’m reposting the link to an article that I wrote on my blog dealing with CDC data and PP’s own contraceptive bible. Please read it:
    NFP is actually over 98% effective, which is 8% better than the best data on the modern, lower dose pill, and 13%-35% more effective than the condom, depending on whose data we consider. PP’s bible is the most optimistic about condoms, giving them a 15% failure rate when used consistently and correctly. Read the article, as it links to all of the CDC data.
    Finally, the Catholic Church has always maintained that sex is for both procreation and unity/intimacy. To teach exclusively one or the other has always been held to be serious error, which if not recanted becomes heresy.

  31. It never ceases to amaze me how anti-condom pro-lifers are.
    Obviously, abstinence is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy…but for those who do choose to become sexually active, why judge and begrudge them the use of contraceptives? They are a hell of a lot more effective than not using any form of birth control at all.
    I understand where some people might get the idea that condom promotion is sending the message of sexual promiscuity, but condoms aren’t sending that message…the message is coming from society in general, a media that’s obsessed sex, and our own biological urges …condoms are merely there to help control the damage from people who want to have sex anyway. Unless our society suddenly shifts it’s values and starts stoning people to death who have premarital sex (or society starts dispensing free anaphrodisiacs) it’s unreasonable and irresponsible to discourage contraceptive usage for those who are sexually active and don’t have the resources to have children.

  32. Mildred,
    I have a doctoral degree in medical microbiology and write a pro-life blog from that perspective. Condoms simply do not work.
    That isn’t some musty old Pope or Bishop saying it.
    That’s the Center for Disease Control and Prevention speaking.
    The idea of a condom offering protection from disease is like a mirage in the desert. It is an ever-elusive image of what we most desire that stays always on the horizon, beckoning us further and further to our deaths, all the while taunting us.
    The truth is, Mildred, that there is no such thing as safe sex, or even safer sex. Click the link and read the CDC data for yourself.
    Yes, I’m pro-life, as opposed to merely anti-abortion.
    Check out this article loaded with CDC data showing how sex has utterly wrecked our children.
    If you can really read those two articles and not be changed, then there is simply nothing left to say.
    If you will not read those articles, there is nothing left to say until you do. They’re devastating, I warn you.

  33. Austin, I think you’re confused. Not everyone is called to be parents to 14 children (or 19 like the Duggars), but maybe there’s a calling for more than one or two? Natural Family Planning, as Gerald said, is NOT the old “rhythm” calendar method that grandma used. It covers many things, using the body’s *natural* signals of fertility. It requires both the husband and the wife to cooperate. There are many methods from checking body temperature to other things.
    BTW,I grew up with a classmate that was one of what became nine (they had like 5 or 6 boys before they got their first girl).
    I was up late last night and watched a program about a couple with 27 children. And no, they weren’t *all* biological. In fact, most of them were special needs children this couple had adopted. God Bless them!

  34. Boy i have seen it all now planned parthood (lol) right anyway … the most lowest killing mill in the world im speechless………God help them

  35. Xalisae,
    And wasnt it their own Billary Clinton who screwed single mothers out of welfare in the first place? Maybe they ought to clean up their own house before they mess with ours.

  36. given that PP gets federal money, is it legal to spend money on abortionists only? shouldn’t they also send V-Day cards to obstetricians.

  37. Mildred – I’m prolife, or “anti-choice” as you would put it, and am not anti-condom at all. If people want to use them, they should be careful to do so correctly, and also be aware that they aren’t 100 percent effective.

  38. I am so sickened by pro-abortionists, that is, pro-murder people who live without values, respect for human life, or conscience. They are the most deplorable of all people in the world. I will never comprehend how they justify what they support and what they do. I hope every mother who aborts a baby suffers terribly over what she has done to a human life–a life she has chosen to end, a murder she has chosen to commit. . . And we wonder why the world is going to hell . . .thanks all who support abortion.

  39. L,
    Your zeal is admirable. But your lack of charity is troubling. Jesus on the cross asked the Father to, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”
    Meditate on that for a moment. If the Romans or Jewish leaders knew who Jesus was, would they have killed Him? Obviously not.
    The son was being killed, but he prayed to the Father to stay His hand, such ids the Love of the Father for His Son.
    But in a broader sense the “they” spoken of by Jesus is us. Each of our sins merits us eternal death and separation from God, just as much as those Roman soldiers 2,000 years ago. Your sins, my sins, the sin committed by women having abortions- all were what drove Jesus to the cross and held Him there more surely than did those nails.
    Yet in this salvific act for all of humanity, the Sacrifice Lamb prayed that we be forgiven , for we know not what we do.
    When you stand at the Supreme Court steps at the March for Life, as I have, and you listen to scores of post-abortive women tell their stories, one overarching theme emerges:
    They were lied to. They were told it was a clump of cells. Now they know better. In the recovery rooms, with the anesthetic of fear, doubt, confusion and coercion gone with the baby, they almost all tell how they suddenly realized what they had done.
    Their despair at what they suddenly realize is not altogether different from the same realization that came over Judas after Jesus was crucified. In his despair, he committed suicide, as do some of these women.
    Yet, is that what Jesus came for? That we might succumb to despair?
    No, L. He tells us that He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He came to free us from sin and its effects. Don’t let satan use you to do his bidding, to pervert your righteous indignation by enticing you to condemn your sisters who were lied to, coerced, and treated awfully, who honestly didn’t know.
    Jesus tells us that He will judge us by the same standard that we apply to others. That’s enough to give anyone pause.
    Remember the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. He told the Apostles that she loves much because she has been forgiven much.
    This is how it must be with post-abortive women. Having been forgiven much, they love much-people like Carla here. These women, through having been forgiven, have emerged from the isolation and despair that satan seeks to be a powerful witness, which has become a deterrent force.
    Assuage yourself of that bitterness, L. Perhaps this Lent that can be your focus. Join Carla in loving these women into wholeness, as Jesus does, lest you find yourself at odds with the Savior Himself.
    God Bless

  40. Dear L.
    Many of us who aborted our children have suffered terribly. No need to wish that on us. We have found our hope and healing in Christ and will always regret our abortions.
    Fighting with you for the lives of the unborn!!!

  41. Has anyone done a study to see if the abortion rate increases anywhere among 16 to 25 yr olds in April and May? Another pro-life woman told me that the rate increases in June and July due to some conceptions occurring during proms held in May and April. Horrible to think about that, but where can one find statistics to corroborate that?
    If this is true, then one could reasonably say that PP IS indeed doing some promotion for their grisly business.

  42. Gerald, thank you for your comment. I couldn’t have said it better. We should not judge others for what they have done. A lot of pro-life speakers and supporters have came from post-abortionist. God has always used the worst and smallest of people to use, look at Paul, he murdered Christians, and wrote 2/3 of the New Testament. Look at David. He used prostitutes, tax collectors, the possessed, and the mentally ill. None of us are without sin and just as unworthy as anyone else to go to heaven, but thats to God’s wonderful “grace” we are forgiven. People don’t understand that these people need love, not hate.

  43. The man from American Idol who wrote the “Pants on The Ground” song needs to get a copyright on it if he doesn’t have one already. Hate to see PP using it. Ick.

  44. The cards are funny and meant to appeal to a certain audience.
    Frankly, I think it’s hilarious that it’s 2010 and people still think it’s their business what someone’s life choices are. Some use condoms, some don’t. Some use other forms of birth control, some don’t. Some stay abstinent, some don’t. Why don’t you keep your beliefs to your family. What works for you won’t work for everyone. Sorry you can’t always be right, that’s life.

  45. Many here would PREFER for people to be abstinent. But you’re missing THE REASON for that desire.
    If someone wants to use condoms, or not, or other birth control, or none, or have other types of intercourse which have nothing to do with reproduction and carry no chance of conception, I DO NOT CARE. The problem is, that many times, people who are engaging in sexual activity which can and does lead to pregnancy, they are “choosing” to kill their resulting children through abortion. “Pro-choice” means thinking it should be legal for a woman to pay to have her own child killed. That’s what the “choice” in “Pro-choice” means, and there have been enough deaths.

  46. Hi Amber,
    Thank you for commenting.
    Teens and young children are targeted by PP. They are told that we are sexual beings and sex feels good and if it feels good do it cause everyone is doing it. PP promotes promiscuity. The promise is that PP will supply the condoms and the pills and will clean up the little messies like STD’s and babies. PP is a business and thrives on repeat customers.

  47. Oh and Amber?
    Many of us here have made it our business to be a voice for the most innocent and vulnerable among us. The unborn.
    It is poverty to believe that a baby has to die so that you may live as you wish. -Mother Theresa

  48. Hi Amber,
    I’m a doctor of medical microbiology. STD’s are a big part of that. Go to my comments above and click the links to two articles I wrote on my blog using CDC data.
    There is no such thing as ‘private morality’, because the consequences of what are done in private sexually impacts the public health, the public mental health, the stability of students and student bodies in the aggregate, time missed from work and lost productivity, the cost of medical insurance because of ever-soaring costs associated with STD treatments, lifetime medications for STD’s such as HIV and Herpes, etc.
    The list goes on and on in an ever-widening series of ripples in schools, corporations, families, churches, the health care industry…
    No Amber, behavior is private. Morality is public. Private behavior’s consequences ultimately affect us all.
    What if all the money spent on condoms (which even CDC says don’t work most times), the pill, STD treatments, fertility treatments that arise as a consequence of STD’s were added up?
    It would be in the high hundreds of billions of dollars.
    Now what if all that money were spent on researching cures for cancer or diabetes, or lupus?
    Morality is public Amber.

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