UPDATE, 2/12, 7:13a: Glad to see WorldNetDaily.com picking up this story.
tic tac toe, planned parenthood, condoms, valentines day.png2/11, 10:08a: Question: If Planned Parenthood’s honest goal is to help women control their procreation – to plan their parenthood – why does it expend so much energy promoting sexual titillation and promiscuity?
Answer: Obviously the organization has become financially dependent on selling contraceptives and abortion, and what better way to increase sales than promote rampant sex.
Quick case in point, condom Valentines Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has made available to print and send on Valentine’s Day….

Someone might say these could apply to husbands, but I question the monogamy of a marriage where discussions about “safe sex” are necessary, which these days are as least as much about transmission of sexually transmitted diseases as guarding against pregnancy.
And what good do condoms do anyway? Our good friend Gerard Nadal posted a thorough piece on this topic February 9. The other side’s own source shows condoms have a 15% annual failure rate (which I also quoted in a WND column last month), leading to these shocking statistics, from LifeIssues.net (click to enlarge):
probably of pregnancy over 5 years condom use, abortion, Planned Parenthood.png
With those kinds of stats, how “safe” should one feel having condom sex with a person who has HIV? Gerard goes into great detail on the STD epidemic.
So back to those PP VD cards, here they are. Another troubling aspect is they are consistent with PP’s constant message that romance and love are equated to sex. Click all to enlarge…

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