raging grannies logo.jpgI wrote last week about a Raging Grannies pro-abort uprising in Los Altos, CA.
Now the SoFlo Raging Grannies in South FL have posted a video condemning CBS for airing a pro-life ad featuring Tim and Pam Tebow during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.
The only problem is – I can’t post it! It’s too profane! View it here.
These ladies look and sound nasty. I can’t imagine being one of their children or grandchildren, knowing how pro-abortion they are.
On a bit of a lighter note, Char Wendel, President and CEO at Planned Parenthood of Collier County (also in FL, strangely) has produced her own anti-CBS video as well. This one I can show…

Wendel thinks the $3 million invested for the Tebow ad would have been better spent to “strengthen American families” by purchasing 600k “cycles” of hormonal contraceptives.
The problem there is, according to Guttmacher, The Pill has an 8.7% failure rate in its 1st year. This means 52,200 women would become pregnant in Wendel’s group. No worries, of course. PP of Collier Co. offers abortions. And so the “cycle” continues.
One bit of advice for Wendel. Use some of your PP abortion profits to invest in a better fitting bra.
[HT for Raging Grannies video: RH Reality Check]

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