Hitler/abortion billboard up in Poland

UDPATE, 7:26a: Our Polish pro-life friend has just sent photos of morning rush hour…
Hitler, Poland, abortion, 6.JPG

Hitler, Poland, abortion, 5.JPG
5:51a: I reported February 12 that the Polish arm of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was pursuing an opportunity to display a huge 74 ft x 32 ft billboard alerting some and reminding others that it was Adolf Hitler who brought abortion to Poland.
The location of the billboard was undisclosed pending approval, to keep pro-aborts from stopping it.
I’m happy to report the billboard went up last night, and it is in the center of Posnan, Poland’s 5th largest city. According to Wikipedia, “Posnan is an important centre of trade, industry, and education, and hosts regular international trade fairs. It was the host city for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2008….”
You can get an idea of how massive this billboard is by the person standing underneath it. Click to enlarge…
Hitler, Poland, abortion, 2.JPG
Translation: “Abortion for Polish women introduced by Hitler on March 9, 1943.”
Polish pro-lifers erected the Hitler billboard to coincide with the March 8 celebration of International Women’s Day, when Polish feminists organize marches and demand abortion without limits. This billboard will certainly stymie that hoopla.
The billboard is located on a major thoroughfare.
Hitler, Poland, abortion 4.JPG
I can’t imagine such a billboard going up in America, where MSM consistently censors the truth about abortion. In fact, a pro-family group in Chicago, where the 2nd largest Polish metropolitan population resides next to Warsaw, has thus far been unable to locate a billboard company willing to run an English version.
Kudos to Polish pro-lifers.

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  1. Woohoo! I can’t wait to hear all about the reactions to it!
    That company in Chicago should just find people willing to donate a small plot of land to them, or raise funds to buy one, so that they can build their own billboard, and not have to put up with anyone else’s bigotry against them.

  2. WOW I can’t even imagine that going up ANYWHERE in the FreePress of the USA. Thanks for sharing. I’m praying for all those who turn to or have turned to abortion.

  3. And what would the USA billboard say? Hitler invented legal abortion? He didn’t. Germans were getting abortions from doctors as far back as the reign of Otto von Bismarck (1880s).
    But Hitler did invent nationally-funded, multilane highways.
    Keep twisting and distorting history.

  4. @Dhalgren: The “Nazi Olympics” were also the first ever to have a torch relay. What’s your point? That evil people come up with good ideas, too? Of course they do, otherwise no one would ever follow them. That’s what makes evil so tempting. It looks good.

  5. Dhalgren,
    The US version would be identical to the Polish billboard, translated into English. It would be in Chicago, where the 2nd largest Polish metropolitan population next to Warsaw lives. It would hit home with them.
    The only way you’re able to say I’m “twisting and distorting history” is by doing more than twisting and distorting my posts. You’re misrepresenting them. Knock it off and keep the debate intelligent.

  6. Dhalgren,
    The sign did NOT state Hitler “invented” anything..it just states Hitler “introduced” abortion to Poland…
    Pls activate brain before engaging mouth…uh-oh, too late.

  7. “I can just imagine the shrieks if anyone put up a billboard like that in this country.
    Posted by: Joe at March 1, 2010 6:18 AM”
    Joe..the pro-aborts can’t even handle a 1-2 hour temp display of the “Face the Truth” tours without going ballistic…A billboard like this will BLOW their minds!
    I would agree to even renting a piece of land in the middle of a very busy (and pro-abort city) and show something like this for a month…it would be a plus if the sign is facing a PP facility…
    **Hey, the PP in Aurora has an empty lot in front of it owned by Safeway(Dominick’s)…hmmm..tempting..tempting…

  8. Ah, Hitler. Forever remembered fondly as the bastion of civic responsibility who invented multi-lane highways. Glad I have my undistorted history.

  9. Learn to read, Dhalgren. And why do you think Hitler introduced abortion to Poland? Because he wanted Polish women to be liberated and have the “right to choose”?

  10. That´s very good point, Marauder. And don´t forget that Hitler also introduced abortions for Jewish women. He surely cared for their human rights…

  11. OK, the center photo of the aborted baby is one of the most horrific abortion photos I’ve ever seen. The baby’s abdomen appears to have been torn or cut with a scissor-like tool. This is NOT healthcare. Pro-choicers need to get a back-bone and speak out against abortion. Loud and clear.
    Congratulations to Poland pro-lifers. Your beloved son, Pope John Paul II, would be so proud. He is surely smiling down on you. :)
    He famously said, “Be not afraid”.

  12. Funny how liberals always criticize conservatives for alluding to the “ickiness” of the madness that is abortion.
    Yet show them the photographic evidence of the crime, then they go ballistic.
    What are they afraid of?

  13. Why do the supporters of this billboard care so much about what other people do? It’s their lives, their bodies…leave them alone. I don’t see how someone ELSE’S abortion affects you.

  14. We care because those little bodies on that billboard are most definitely NOT “a woman’s body.” Someone else’s abortion takes the life of another innocent human being.
    Or are you pro-slavery as well? I guess if a particular human injustice doesn’t affect us personally, we have no right to speak out against it?

  15. No, I’m certainly not pro-slavery, as I am a first-generation Zambian woman.
    Everyone has a right to speak out about their beliefs, but I believe the problem starts when people start trying to ENFORCE their opinions upon others.
    Why must everyone always be on the same page? Why is it “us vs. them” or “I’m right, and she’s WRONG” all the time? There will never be a day where 100% of the people on this earth will be in agreement about any one thing. So, in the meantime, why not just let everyone have their own unique viewpoints?

  16. Hi Cher.
    The claim is that abortion takes the life of an innocent human being. If this claim is true, shouldn’t there be something done about abortion? For if so, abortion is murder, and in that case, not simply a viewpoint or a private opinion.

  17. Ok, Char, so you are not pro-slavery. Why?
    Do you view slavery as a grave injustice against human beings? I do.
    I also view abortion as a grave injustice against human beings.
    Slaves were treated as non-humans so that others could live as they wished, at the expense of generations of people who were not viewed as people, though clearly human.
    Unborn children are now also treated as non-humans so that their mothers can have them killed at will in order to live as they wish, though their unborn children can be nothing other than human. They have unique DNA, and are not (as if they were an organ such as a kidney) part of their mother’s bodies. They are unique and separate, though dependent, individuals.
    Slave-owners and abolitionists were never “on the same page.” However, I like to think that the abolitionists were fighting for the cause of humanity. We should always err on the side of humanity, on the side of life. Imagine where so many people would be today if they had said, “Hey, it’s just a matter of opinion. Let’s all just get along.”
    In the case of an elective abortion, the unborn child stands to lose much more (his life) than his mother does. Would you stand by if you saw innocent human beings led to their deaths every day, legally? Would it be just a matter of opinion to you?

  18. Char,
    How can you look at those pictures and not be moved with compassion for those little babies?

  19. It would be awesome if you could get a Polish celebrity like Yvonne Strahovski to help get this message out.

  20. Yes, I did, Ed. It wasn’t exactly in context, and they did a little bit of creative paraphrasing (my younger brother told me that they probably did this so that they wouldn’t need to ask me my approval to include the quote in the story), but they linked to my twitter account, which is good. So, if anyone reads it and wants to know the whole story, they’re welcome to read the entire log from my perspective (there was a lot of pro-choicers taking me out of context in re-tweets intentionally on that #tag. One said she was a journalist and that it was my own fault for writing tweets that couldn’t stand up on their own. But what can I do in 140 characters?! And whatever happened to journalistic integrity? Sheesh).

  21. Peo-aborts always seem to feel outraged at these types of pictures. My contention: Hey, if you really feel it isn’t slaughter of the unborn, then why get so upset at the pictures?
    They claim they believe in a woman’s right to choose. Should she not be fully informed before making her choice?
    Pro-aborts can’t handle the truth staring them in the face. It’s so much more palatable when dismemberment remains hidden in abortion clinics.
    If they really feel abortions discharge small blobs of tissue, why object to pictures of aborted remains?

  22. Jill, thanks for posting about this and for providing the photos. I linked back. I’ve read a great deal about the brutality of the Nazis. We all need to understand that brutality is not the answer. Thank you and God bless.

  23. You know, Char, a lot of people liked slavery. They even fought for it. Some still like it in many countries. So why oppose it? Why does it always have to be “us vs. them”? What can’t we let them have “their unique viewpoints”?
    Because your argument is nonsense — that’s why. Violations of human rights must always be fought against. I hope you’ll agree.
    Now take a look at the post above, with the aborted babies in Nepal. Isn’t this a violation of the rights of human beings? What do you think we should do about it?

  24. I am against abortion but why the hell use Hitler image i nthis campaign…This is SIMPLY cheap.

  25. Piotr,
    If you read the story, you’d know that the translation of the words on the sign is: “Abortion for Polish women introduced by Hitler on March 9, 1943.”
    Abortion is evil; Hitler is the personification of evil.

  26. Piotr,
    I am reminded of the famous quote “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
    In this so-called modern/progressive age (even in Poland)..people need to be reminded of what happened in the past in order to move forward.
    “Cheap” advertising?? It is simply the TRUTH.

  27. Speaking as a woman in Poland, let me tell you that most people in this country DO NOT welcome this billboard campaign.
    Regardless of whether one is anti-abortion or pro-choice, the use of Hitler’s image is a cheap tactic used solely for shock value, as are the graphic images. The memory of WWII is far more tangible in Poland still than in the US – it’s enough to see the plaques that still hang in every Polish city marking places where insurgents were killed in cold blood or Jews were gathered to be taken to death camps, to be reminded what happened here because of that man.
    Americans did not experience even a fraction of the horrors that Poles, both Jewish and Christian, experienced at the hands of Hitler, not to mention the 50 years of hell that followed, so please do not give us kudos, or try to celebrate this as a victory for yourselves.
    Poland already has incredibly strict anti-abortion laws, which cause scores of women to travel to Germany every year, even in cases of rape. This campaign is insensitive and unnecessary, and should not be applauded.

  28. I take it Ania is “pro-choice”…so…I guess the billboard is working. :)
    Admittedly though, we need such a billboard here in the states more than you all do there. Can you please assist us in a letter-writing campaign to move the billboard to a predominantly Polish neighborhood here in America?

  29. Yeah, X, the Billboard IS working.
    I have to confess, I really don’t like looking at abortion pictures, even during Truth Tours…but if it shows the reality of what these “pro-choice” folks support then I’m all for it…
    To paraphrase Fr. Pavone: “(people) will not reject abortion until (people) see abortion”
    Sorry, Ania..Poland may have outlawed abortion BUT the Polish femininsts are out to bring it back…and we’ll support Polish pro-lifers in whatever way we can.

  30. Let me illustrate one case: In Poland, abortion is only legal in the case of rape, or if the mother’s life is in danger. In 2008, a 14-year-old girl was raped by an older man and became pregnant. Her doctor determined that having a baby would seriously endanger this girl’s life, and applied for permission for her to receive an abortion, which a court granted. However, a controversy began because a pro-life group heard about this girl in the news, and protesters started harassing her, to the point of non-stop calls to her and her mother to try to get her to not have the abortion. She was refused from two hospitals because pro-life groups had threatened doctors at those hospitals. Finally, she had to travel to a different city to have the procedure preformed.
    Campaigns like this billboard are not only in bad taste, but they legitimize the actions of people like the ones that harassed the poor girl and delayed her from getting her LEGAL abortion.

  31. Ania,

    I am a female pro-lifer from Czech Republic. (Strange enough to communicate in English when our mother languages are so similar, isn´t it?) My country was also under the Nazi occupation during the Second World War and you also can find monuments for the victims of the Nazis in nearly every single village. And my country was also almost 40 years under the communist regime. So I know very well what you are talking about.

    But I “suprisingly” support this campaign. It´s true that Nazis brought horrors to the countries that they occupied. And one of these horrors was murdering innocent unborn babies. Don´t you know that Nuremberg trial declared abortion a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY? Don´t you know that Nazi Germany was the second country in the world where was legalized abortion ON DEMAND? Before the Hitler era, all abortins were banned and all preborn babies had right to life. Soon after Hitler took office, he legalized abortions for people he considered “not worth living”. German (so called Aryan) preborn children had still the right to life from conception and they must not be killed. Jewish, Slavic, Roma, etc. preborn babies had no rights and they were allowed to be killed throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Why do you think Hitler legalized abortion in your country? Because he was a human rights activist? (Pro-aborts often say that abortion is a human right.) Because he cared sooo much about “human rigths” of Jewish and Polish women? No – it was because he wanted to destroy your country.

    These billboards show nothing but the truth. These unborn babies are the victims of Nazi barbarism as well. You say you are pro-abortion. So why do you complain about “horrible” pictures? You pro-aborts always say there is nothing horrible about murdering unborn children. If it is OK to gather in the streets and call for so called “right to abortion”, why it is not OK to SHOW what you are really calling for?

    You pro-aborts are such a hypocrites.

  32. From the Nuremberg trial:

    “The performance of abortions on Eastern [Slavic] workers is a war crime, as defined in Article II (b) of Control Council Law No. 10. It is a violation of Article 48 of the Hague Regulations, which provide that family honor and rights must be respected. It is also an act of ‘ill treatment’ of a civilian population.”
    “The performance of abortions on Eastern workers is also a crime against humanity…It constitutes an ‘act of extermination,’ ‘persecution on racial grounds,’ and an ‘inhumane act’…” “Even under the assumptions that her request was genuinely voluntary…it constitutes a war crime and a crime against humanity.”
    -Prosecutor at the Nuremberg RuSHA(Race and Resettlement Office) trial, March 1948, NWCT, microfilm 894, roll 31, pp. 13-14.


  33. Ania, I live also in Poland and as most people here I know the sad history of the 14 yers girl nicknamed “Agata”. She was not raped. The “older man” was her 1 year older boyfriend. Yes, in some hospitals doctors refused to kill her baby. Pro-lifers tried to help the girl, did not threaten anybody. While the girl hesitated there was a mass pro-abortion campain in part of the press. Also the Agata’s mother insisted on abortion. Finaly the baby was killed, what you call ” procedure performing”. Yes, there was harassmnet of the poor girl but it was done by her mother, feminists and the press.

  34. Ania,

    as Zbygniew has said, this girl wasn´t raped and her life wasn´t jeopardized by the pregnancy. It was abortion on demand. And her poor innocent defenceless baby had no choice.

    But you said you were “pro-choice”, not pro-abortion. So these doctors CHOSE not to kill the baby. Or you think that thay shouldn´t have had any choice, that they should have been forced to kill the unborn babies against their conscience? They are doctors, not executioners, they are supposed to protect human life, not destroy them.

  35. European Pro-Lifer: First of all, I never declared I was pro-abortion. I support it in the cases where it is necessary, such as rape or if the mother’s life is in danger, but of course there are options that are far better than abortion, which in itself is a fairly traumatic procedure. If anything, I support a program of sexual education, the availability of contraception, and viable adoption options and health care for the pregnant women. Abortion should be a LAST RESORT, to save the woman’s life.
    But to address your point: The Nazis introduced abortion as one of several means of exterminating a whole race, and that’s what made it a crime against humanity. These abortions were often performed against the women’s will, and that’s what made it so horrendous – it was just one more way of killing off a population that Hitler wanted eliminated, and should be viewed in that context.
    Zbigniew: “Agata” was raped – it doesn’t matter that she knew the man, she was forced and she did not want either sex or a baby. The girl’s mother insisted on the abortion as the girl’s legal guardian, because it was in the girl’s best interest.

  36. Agnia,

    you are wrong. Nuremberg trial declared ALL abortion a crime against humanity, even if the mother approved killing her child. Nuremberg trial declared that murdering the unborn means murdering human beings, and THAT makes it crime against humanity. If the unborn weren´t HUMAN, it wouldn´t make any sense call killing them “crime against HUMANITY”. And as well, if the unborn aren´t human or people, how can you call killing them “killing a population”?

    According to Wikipedia, less than 1% of abortions are performed to save mother´s life. Does it mean that in the othe 99% od cases are you pro-life? I apologize if I misunderstood you, but I don´t take why are complaining about your country pro-life laws then.

  37. A question for Ania: was the “rapist” executed for his crime, or only his child? If your father commits a crime, can you be put to death for it? If my six-year-old was conceived in rape, may I have her “terminated”? Of course not. The circumstances of conception in no way alter the fact that abortion ends the life of a living human being. Please read about research done on abortion and rape/incest victims:
    Ania, when you say “Americans did not experience even a fraction of the horrors that Poles, both Jewish and Christian, experienced at the hands of Hitler, not to mention the 50 years of hell that followed, so please do not give us kudos, or try to celebrate this as a victory for yourselves you fail to recognize that, like the Nazi crimes, ABORTION IS A CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMANITY. It knows no borders and in the last 37 years, abortionists have shed the innocent blood of over 52 million babies in the United States alone. Those numbers make Hitler look like an amateur.
    Is It Offensive to Compare Abortion to the Holocaust?

  38. It is not so good in Poland as Ania writes “In Poland, abortion is only legal in the case of rape if the mother’s life is in danger..” Killing is legal also when the unborn is suspected of being seriously ill (e.g Down syndrome), when not only life but also health of the mother is in danger, when there is a suspection that the child is a result of a crime. This crime could be a rape, but not only. In case of the 14-years old Agata it was sex with underage.
    Also pharmacological abortion, when performed by a woman on herself, is legal. It is because the law does not allow charging the mother of the aborted child.
    Pro-lifers in Poland have still quite a lot to do…

  39. It is upsetting that the only person against this billboard is a Pole, and this makes me ashamed to be Polish.
    To say that Americans do not understand what Jewish and Christian Poles went through under Hitler is IGNORANT. I for one would not be an American if it wasn’t for the atrocities caused upon my family by Hitler. If Hitler never invaded Poland or killed millions of innocent people, there would not be a mass exodus of Poles and Jews to the United States, we would all still be citizens of Poland, so to say that Americans do not understand what Poles went through is extremely offensive. Many Americans have Polish and Jewish blood and are American as a result of WWII and the Holocaust. From the sound of it, Hitler hits more home to me than it does to someone like you, Ania.
    So Ania, do you think people like my sister (who has Down syndrome) should be aborted? What if you found out that your parents never really wanted you, that you were a mistake, or a product of rape? Would you kill yourself? Most parents do not even tell their children their real circumstances of their origins, like for example, if they are the result of faulty contraception, so you’re argument that no woman should carry a baby she does not want does not hold water. It is still murder either way! No woman should have the right to kill her own child. Do you think a child should have the right to kill his/her mother if they are too old and sucking all the resources from their adult children?
    There is sex education in Poland, do you truly believe that people are too stupid to figure out how to prevent a pregnancy and therefore that is the reason why there are more abortions? Maybe women do it because they have an attitude that their children are a piece of property and they can treat them and use them however way they want: torturing and killing them…included.
    Did you know that after abortion was illegalized in Poland, there were less instances of child abuse and child violence? Hmm, I wonder why that is.

  40. And also, I never believed in the ‘Agata’ story. In plain simple terms it is BS. I truly believe it was all made up by the pro-abortionists to try to get at our senses to make us turn pro-abortion. The story is too perfect and too scripted, so no matter how many times you spit out and chew up the script, I am not falling for it.
    However, maybe it can be turned into a Lifetime or Hallmark movie for Sweden or Denmark “Look at what those evil Conservative Catholic Poles did! AGAIN”
    Or maybe even used to justify more hate crimes against Polish workers in Jolly Ol’ Liberal England ;)

  41. This is great, I absolutely love it, the TRUTH is right there for everyone to see, the billboards in the US should also display this truth.
    Everyone is talking about this “Choice” I ask you

  42. I have been raped twice in my lifetime. Had I conceived either time, there would have been no choice but to have the child. After all, should an innocent ever be punished for the terrible actions of someone else?
    When I became pregnant with my first child (young and unmarried), his father pushed me to abort him throwing money on the table to “get rid of it.” This wonderful product of conception now helps care for the man who pushed me to kill him. When I was pregnant with my third baby, a heartbeat was hard to find because a large cyst was growing near him. The doctor recommended an abortion in order to test the cyst for cancer. I refused and this child is now my high-honors teenager.
    I hear women talk about how proud they are of their (planned and unplanned) children even women that are poor, young, single, and high school dropouts. I have never heard a women brag about her abortion(s). There are reasons for this.
    Abortion has not and will never solve the issue of unplanned pregnancy. Abortion does not enpower women. It only further hides and covers up self-control and self-esteem issues. Abortion further opresses women and children and begets more violence. Making the right decision after making a wrong one is enpowering. Thanks to all of our parents who realized that the choice to have us began at the time of conception.
    We need billboards like this across America to help wake up those who have fallen asleep.
    Virgin Mary and Pope John Paul, Pray For Us!

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