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On March 11 I posted a letter from Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Exec. Dir. Gregg Cunningham to UCLA representative Pam Cysner.
The title of my post was, “Pro-life group plays hardball with UCLA over graphic display of aborted babies.”…

The administration at UCLA had been jerking CBR’s student co-sponsors around for a year trying to keep CBR from reserving space for a huge Genocide Awareness Project abortion photo display (example above) at Bruin Plaza.
Read Cunningham’s letter for the best example you might ever see of pro-life hardball. He promised lawsuits and mayhem if UCLA did not comply with CBR’s constitutional request to assemble for 2 consecutive days.
Well yesterday, Cysner responded to Cunningham. Read her email and smile. Click to enlarge…
cysner response letter to cbr.png
So this is how it’s done, friends. The other side attempts to intimidate us, often successfully, into playing submissive, peace-love-and-understanding flower people. That’s not how it works in the secular pro-abort world.
Congrats to CBR and the truth about abortion.

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