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  • Authorities in India have arrested a gynecologist in connection with the unborn children found near a garbage dump or in a garbage bin (depending on the source):
  • The accused Dr. Jayanti Patel said that on Monday while the clinic was being cleaned some jars containing the specimen foetuses were damaged accidentally, they said…..

    However, Dr. Patel has been booked for unhygienic disposal of bio-medical waste and was being questioned further, police said.
    The gender of the foetuses has not been released, but police said they had not ruled out that the case was due to illegal sex-selective abortion.


  • That took long enough. According to ABC News, police in Los Angeles have just discovered that a white powder which they obtained in October contained the abortion drug misoprostol. Police discovered the powder while arresting restaurant owner Joshua Woodward (pictured left) on suspicion of inducing a miscarriage in his girlfriend.
  • The wife of NFL player Chris McAlister is claiming (through TMZ) that he kicked her out of their house after she refused to get an abortion.
  • According to the Memphis Daily News, the TN legislature has voted to opt out of abortion funding in health care reform. The votes appear to have veto-proof majorities.
  • [Woodward photo via The Daily Beast]

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