Wow. KTLA in Los Angeles ran an excellent story last night about this past Sunday’s police hosing incident at Ventura, CA’s, First Assembly of God Church.
The story accurately portrays Ventura police officer (“and a member of this church”) Jon Hixson as a major jerk, showing all the right clips from pro-life activist Todd Bullis’s video. (The backstory about the pro-life picket begins here.)


I think KTLA got Todd’s mission pretty much right in its 1-sentence summary of why his group was there in the first place….

jim deck.jpgOne other point about all this. People complain about children seeing Todd’s signs, a whole other topic.
But Todd met with Associate Pastor Jim Deck on March 4 and told him of his plans to protest the church in 3-4 weeks.
Todd preceded that meeting by sending Pastor Deck photos of the graphic signs he planned to show at the church (click to enlarge)….
todd letter to pastor jim.png
So the person responsible for his church’s children seeing graphic photos of aborted babies without their parents being warned is Pastor Jim Deck, not Todd Bullis.
Moving on, as the KTLA story indicated, the Ventura Co. District Attorney has decided not to press charges. Read pdf here.
Click to enlarge…
press release ventura da.png
Infuriating. Why did Hixson fill his spray bottle with vinegar (so he says, still waiting on the contents to be analyzed) if his intent was not to inflict at least minimal harm by spraying Todd’s eyes with it?
Todd has responded with this letter to the Ventura Police Dept.:

This letter is to inform you of my intention to file a lawsuit against your Department, for violation of my constitutional rights, in U.S. District Court, if Officer Jon Hixson is not suspended without pay for an appropriate period; required to undergo remedial training in the rights afforded all Americans under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and compelled, as a condition of continued employment by your Department, to receive mandatory anger management counseling.
This officer is currently a menace to the community. The Office of the District Attorney of Ventura County has just released a statement finding that Officer Hixson’s attack on me constituted a “battery.” That is criminal misconduct which involves an act of violence.
A police officer who has difficulty resolving disputes without resorting to violence should not be carrying a badge and a gun. He should not be returned to duty until your Department is confident that he has the emotional maturity and self discipline to safely resume patrol duties.
Your entire Department is watching. The entire community is watching. Your response will either send the message that your officers may assault citizens with impunity or that no one is above the law. We all await your response.
Todd Bullis

Stay tuned…

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