angie jackson on video.pngBy the time I wrote “Live Tweeting Abortion, Part X” on March 3, as well as 2 columns (here and here), I was sicker of Angie Jackson than anyone, and I know many of you were plenty sick of her. I felt personally responsible for giving Angie 5 of her 15 minutes of fame.
There were still a few who kept tabs on Angie after that, even though I stopped. They let me know when she tweeted on March 13 that she locks her 4-year-old in his bedroom and on March 23 that she is still married to one guy (the father of her born child) while shacking up with another (the father of her aborted child).
Messed up, but we knew that.
Now, though, Angie’s tweets warrant one more post….

She wrote over the weekend she is breaking up with the new guy, which in itself is no surprise since most relationships do fail following abortion.
But her reasons are quite bizarre. On one hand she’s mad BF won’t get a vasectomy and on the other because he doesn’t like kids and is too old to start a family with…
Live tweeting abortion breaking up.png
Like I said, messed up.
In other news, live tweeting abortion copycat Nextthurs has still not be heard from since February 28, when she abruptly quit documenting her RU-486 abortion after ominously stating she’d been “bleeding like a stuffed pig all day.”
And I discovered reading Angie’s tweets tonight that pro-aborts have given me my own Twitter hashtag, #betterthanstanek, in response to a quest by for ProChoiceGal to get more followers than me. I’m flattered.
[HT: Twitter follower jillosophy; screen shot via Angie’s abortion video]

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