I was out-of-pocket all day yesterday but read on my phone about the 22-week-old baby boy who survived his abortion for 2 days in Italy. The story was heartbreaking, more so because I know without a doubt babies his age are surviving their abortions every day across America and getting similar treatment. I would even venture to say this is a worldwide epidemic.
For instance, only last week I spoke at length after a pro-life event with an L&D RN who told me babies survive their abortions at her hospital, and doctors pressure nurses to give them 0-0 APGAR scores, in other words, chart that the babies were born dead when they were not. I could only urge the nurse to take action. There was nothing more I could do.
We have a Born Alive Infants Protection Act that is not being enforced, incredibly frustrating and painful.
BAIPA verbiage 2, abortion.png
The Catch-22 is representatives from DHHS told me enforcement of BAIPA is report driven….

They refused to proactively query hospitals and abortion mills on late-term abortion policies. (And this was under the Bush administration. How much less can we expect DHHS reps under Obama and Sebelius to drag their feet?)
Yet hospital and abortion staff won’t report what they know. Even if they do, we saw with the baby Shanice case in Hialeah, FL, that viability becomes an issue to prosecutors, when whether one would live or die if not murdered is absolutely irrelevant.
Back to the little Italian abortion survivor, the Telegraph carries an extended story, but here it is in a nutshell, from Sky News, and by the way, the baby wasn’t a “foetus”:

A baby boy who was left to die after a botched abortion has survived for two days.


The 22-week-old foetus later died in intensive care in the city of Rossano in southern Italy.
The baby’s mother opted for a termination after scans suggested the child might be disabled.
The procedure was carried out at the Rossano Calabro hospital on Saturday but 20 hours after the operation the hospital chaplain was praying to the baby when he discovered it was still alive.
Father Antonio Martello informed doctors who immediately transferred the child to a specialist neo-natal unit at a neighbouring hospital where he died on Monday.
Italian police are investigating if there is a case for homicide or abandonment because according to Italian law, doctors have a legal obligation to preserve the life of the baby after it survives an abortion.
The Italian government is also considering an investigation into the conduct of the hospital staff….

And what was the baby’s disability? According to Catholic.net:

Prenatal scans had shown two malformations in the boy, in his palate and lip.

Cleft lip and palate.
[Map via Wikipedia]

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