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Jivin J’s Life Links 5-31-10

by JivinJ, host of the blog, are continuing to investigate the infection of a growing number of women (22 right now) who were infected with Hepatitis-C after getting abortions at an abortion clinic in Melbourne. Marie Stopes International is partnering with China to kill more Chinese unborn children…

Memorial Day salute: Armed Forces Medley

The National Symphony Orchestra performed the “Armed Forces Medley” during the 2007 Memorial Day Concert on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Watch their stirring rendition, which originally aired live on PBS… In memory of all who served our blessed country in the line of duty, to protect us and our freedom, but did […]

New Stanek poll: Should Obama have upheld presidential Memorial Day tradition at Arlington?

I have a special Memorial Day poll question up (bottom right side of home page): Rather than carry on the usual presidential tradition of commemorating our fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, Commander in Chief Obama will have VP Biden take his place and instead attend a ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial […]

Sunday funnies 5-30-10

My Top 5 favorite political cartoons for the week… by Steve Benson at last week’s announcement that scientists had created an artificial cell… by Kevin Kallaugher at

Quote of the Day 5-30-10

In observance of Memorial Day… The LORD is pleased with those who fear him, with those who wait with hope for his mercy. Praise the LORD, Jerusalem! Praise your God, Zion! He makes the bars across your gates strong. He blesses the children within you. He is the one who brings peace to your borders […]

Quote of the Day 5-29-10

“You almost have to think of it as an alien.” ~ Aborting mother Carmen, 28, at the New Woman All Women Health Care abortion mill in Birmingham, AL, “for her second abortion in 3 years,” on refusing to view an ultrasound now mandated by the state prior to abortions, as quoted by The New York […]

Weekend question: Is Mississippi’s last standing abortion mill on the brink of closing?

UPDATE, 4:35p: I’ve been giving this more thought, and if for whatever reason this abortion mill needs an infusion of cash, this means either it isn’t making enough money to set aside an allotment for improvements, or it is mishandling its money. And an additional question, what exactly would it mean to the abortion industry […]

Update on Cedar Rapids Planned Parenthood’s worse than thought dismally attended event featuring pro-abort rock star Cecile Richards

Read backstory Pro-Life Action League blog. I wrote on May 21 it was pretty pathetic that Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa Is Anybody There? blog. found photos of the event at PP of E Central IA’s

Pro-life activists to challenge new fence around Washington, DC, Planned Parenthood

in 2009…

Senate committee passes amendment repealing ban against privately funded abortions on military bases

Yesterday behind closed doors pro-abort US Sen. Roland Burris (D-IL, who took Obama’s place) offered an amendment in the Senate Armed Services Committee to strike a 14-yr-old ban against privately funded abortions at both domestic and overseas military facilities. The ban has been in place since Congress overturned President Clinton’s 1993 authorization in 1996. Public […]

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mcallisterby Kelli

Rampell argues that if only poor people in America could get free birth control and more comprehensive sex education, have “easy access” to abortions in unregulated clinics, and receive more government-sponsored childcare by expanding the welfare state, then unwanted pregnancies would be a thing of the past and Americans would live happily ever after.

Oh, the joy of a liberal utopia.

Rampell doesn’t pause to consider other factors that have seriously contributed to the disparity between the rich and poor on out-of-wedlock births. Instead of looking at the issue in terms of personal choice regarding marriage and childbirth, as well as personal responsibility, and respecting all people as rational human beings capable of self-government, she concludes that a “trap” is being laid; someone must be doing something to these women or not enough for them. Neither is truly the case….

When it comes to finding solutions that will help low-income single mothers, we need to do more than just dish out contraceptives (which will be ineffective for those who are actually choosing to have babies out of wedlock), herd them into unregulated abortion clinics, give them “comprehensive” sex education that fails to factor in the spiritual and moral dimension of human beings, and then continue their dependence on government and the cycle of poverty by increasing welfare programs….

I can just hear the mockery now and the hysterical screams of “Don’t stigmatize my choice to have sex!” But no one is stigmatizing sex, let alone your choice to have it. What’s being stigmatized in our culture is marriage and the choice not to have sex….

[S]ome of us have a higher view of women — that they don’t have to be controlled by their base desires, by poverty, by fear, by dependency — all of which drive us to more constricted and unhappy lives.

We can do better. We have done better. And we can be better again.

~ D.C. McAllister (pictured), responding to Catherine Rampell’s assertion that “sex is for rich people” and that “a trap” is laid for poor people who want to have sex, The Federalist, October 21

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