todd bullis with abortion sign.pngOn March 25 pro-life activist Todd Bullis launched the Church Project, an effort to educate congregants of Ventura, CA, churches of the reality of abortion through signs of graphic abortion images. Todd and his crew intended to prayerfully protest at 1 Ventura church a week, beginning with mega-church Reality Ventura….

At Todd’s 2nd stop, however, Ventura First Assembly of God, church member and off-duty policeman John Hixson assaulted Todd first by spraying vinegar water in his eyes and then soaking him with a water hose. The Ventura Police Department is still investigating the incident, while hoser Hixson remains on desk duty.

matthew 28-20.jpgTodd decided to park at the unrepentant First Assembly church – which never apologized to Todd for Hixson’s actions, and which, more importantly, supports no pro-life ministries such as pregnancy care centers and whose leadership refuses to preach on the abortion issue – for the foreseeable future.

So Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform lent Todd one of his Truth Trucks to up the ante. These are large panel trucks with huge photos of aborted babies plastered all over them.

truth truck ventura.pngTodd debuted the Truth Truck at First Assembly this past Sunday – Mother’s Day…. and things again got a little crazy. Someone from the church called police, falsely accusing the Truth Truck driver of incessantly honking the horn. Then neighbors at one point blocked the Truth Truck until police arrived.

One of the neighbors twice slapped a video camera Todd’s son was holding, complaining that children would see the abortion photos, arguing, “They don’t need to see it. We know what abortion’s about, are you kidding me? What do you think, we’re all in a cloud? You know how we stop it? We stop you. Stop drawing attention to it.

What? In all, police were called 3x.

On the other hand, Todd received $250 in donations from 2 people sensitive to his cause and reported that more church members than ever came out to express support.

Here’s great video capturing everything…

In other news, one of the church members told Todd the head pastor of the church, Tony Cervero, submitted his 6 weeks notice, stating he took a job as the assistant superintendent of the Southern CA Assemblies of God churches. And this is true

tony cervero southern california assemblies of God-thumb-500x301-11224.png

Promotion? Escape? Or Todd’s first scalp? You decide.

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