Looking back on my days as a labor and delivery RN, deliveries of babies to Middle Eastern couples were the hardest.
There was the husband who tried to order me not to let his wife have an epidural.
And there was the 30-something-year-old married to his 15-year-old first cousin who was aborting their (not surprisingly) handicapped baby.
Then there was the laboring mother who had been the victim of female genital mutilation.
FGM is a custom found primarily in Asian and African Muslim countries… but it is coming to America.

fgm tools.jpg

There are 4 types of FGM, according to the World Health Organization
The mother I was delivering had been maimed by the worst, “infibulation,” so her delivery was somewhat of a perenial massacre. It was awful.
Traditionally, feminists have strongly opposed FGM, along with all of Western civilization.
But in this new age of cultural sensitivity, attempts are being made to bridge the divide, not necessarily end the barbaric practice of FGM….

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