I remember when G.E. aired this commercial in 2002 to introduce its new 4D ultrasound technology. It still chokes me up…

The story goes that pro-aborts raised such a stink G. E. was forced to remove the ad from the air, or at least cuts its run short.

So I wonder how pro-aborts are going to handle this, a remarkable new iPad app from Pampers called “Hello Baby”

Here’s the “Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar” app description from iTunes:

You’ve heard a lot about the ways your baby will develop during your pregnancy – now Pampers enables you to experience baby development like never before: at simulated life-size, right on your iPad. Enter your due date to track week-by-week typical progress and learn about the important changes happening.

brain child 3.jpg[Click graphic, right, to see an example.]

Hold the iPad in front of your tummy and see a typical representation of the baby, with richly detailed images illustrating his or her growth. Hello Baby is a whole new way to get your family excited to welcome its newest member.

Things you can do:

1. See how a baby grows during your pregnancy. View close-ups of little hands and feet, and listen to what a heartbeat might sound like.

2. Add personalized details including your child’s due date, name, size, and weight.

3. Take the iPad wherever you go to share the exciting developments with friends and family.

And I can’t help it, this is pretty funny, found on Flickr (click to enlarge)…

ipad app at the bar.png

I’m thinking an iPad abortion app would also be a good idea. Enter the correct information to see the age, size, and development of your baby – and then how he or she would be aborted.

[HT: Mommy Life via moderator Chris]

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