mollohan abortion.jpgOn March 21 purported pro-life Democrat Rep. Alan Mollohan of WV ignored the wishes of the pro-life community and voted for the healthcare bill sans the Stupak Amendment.
And yesterday Mollohan lost his bid for a 15th term to his more conservative opponent, state Sen. Mike Oliverio. According to the Wall Street Journal today…

Outside groups also played a role in the race, including the Susan B. Anthony List, which opposes abortion rights. The group targeted Mollohan for his vote in favor of the Democrats’ health care overhaul.
“Congressman Mollohan now fully realizes that votes do have consequences,” the group’s president Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement.

Then today I received this lovely email (click to enlarge):
barbara boxer emilys list 3.png
Barbara Boxer is not just a pro-abort, she’s a rabid, repulsive pro-abort who has done the industry’s bidding for years in her capacity as powerful US senator from CA.
Boxer is not only in trouble in her own June 8 primary race, she’s in trouble when lined up against all 3 Republican challengers.
And this just in… what a hoot. NARAL has turned on PA Sen. Arlen Specter, himself a serial turncoat, and is endorsing Specter’s opponent, Joe Sestak, “even though Republican-turned-Democrat Specter touts his record of standing up for abortion rights,” writes the Associated Press. Serves Specter abso-frigga-lutely right.
Keep pressing, wherever you’re stationed.

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