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by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Big Blue Wave updates readers on the pro-life students at the U of Calgary. They were found guilty of campus misconduct (in individual closed door meetings) in refusing to turn their GAP photos inward during a campus display. The GAP project has been on display 9 times without incident since 2006. The students will appeal…

  • We are going to challenge this verdict,” stated Alanna Campbell, CPL President. “We did not break a single University bylaw or regulation and so we will defend ourselves accordingly. We will also not cease exercising our rights to free speech just because they’re threatening us. I’d rather be expelled as a principled person than graduate a coward.”

  • Rai’s Mundo notes President Obama’s continued large financial commitments to the UNFPA for “reproductive health” around the world. $55 million went directly to pro-abortion groups when the Mexico City Policy was rescinded.
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  • Wesley Smith discusses the recent article in New York Times Magazine regarding the moral life of babies:
  • The story’s main thesis, after establishing evidence for a rudimentary infant morality-such as babies preferring “good guy” puppets… is to refute suggestions-which are treated respectfully-that human morality is evidence for a divinity, as opposed to purposeless evolution.
    … [T]his research illustrates how human beings are by inherent nature, moral beings. This moral capacity is intrinsic to our very existence, and is one of the primary characteristics that distinguish us from-and elevate us above-all other known forms of life.

  • At RealChoice is the story of a 19-year-old pregnant woman whose life was in danger and had an emergency c-section performed. Christina writes:
  • Imagine that her doctor had responded to her crisis by packing her off to Wichita with a friend, where she’d have spent three days in a motel room while her life-threatening problem was dealt with. You’ll pretty quickly see what a bogus crock the whole “Third trimester abortions to save the mother’s life” thing is.

  • Corrina Gura from Pro-Life Action League takes exception to many of Kathleen Parker’s views in her “schizophrenic” column entitled “Abortion’s route to rare,” including Parker’s belief that those who show graphic images of aborted children somehow harm the pro-life cause. Gura has written letters to the editors of several newspapers who run Parker’s column in the hopes that they will present the opposing view.
  • Becs at BS of the Day tells an inspiring story in tribute to her mom on Mother’s Day, who at age 18 faced an unplanned pregnancy.
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