weekend question.jpgYoung filmmakers Martha Shane and Lana Wilson are planning to make a documentary, “Trust women: The story of two American abortion doctors,” if they raise enough seed money, which it appears they have.
The film’s two subjects will be late-term abortionists LeRoy Carhart and Warren Hern….

The filmmakers describe Carhart and Hern as “inspiring,” “courageous,” and “sacrific[ial],” certainly topic matter for a separate post. (For instance, will what the abortionists actually do to merit all this praise be shown in the film? Doubtful.)
But this weekend’s question goes a little different direction: If you could make a film about two pro-life heroes or heroines, who would they be?
(I asked the question; I can’t be an answer… not that I think of myself as such… but just so you know this isn’t a thinly veiled promotional attempt.)

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