kelly preston john travolta.jpgThree weeks ago 47-yr-old actress Kelly Preston and 56-yr-old actor husband John Travolta announced they were expecting a baby. (Twins denied.)
Then a week ago 42-yr-old singer Céline Dion announced she and 68-yr-old husband René Angélil were expecting twins.
Both pregnancies were reportedly conceived via in vitro fertilization.
(And if these things do come in 3s, keep an eye on 40-yr-old singer Mariah Carey, whose 29-yr-old husband singer Nick Cannon didn’t exactly quash rumors a few days ago that she’s pregnant as well.)
Congrats to all. We’re praying for healthy babies.
Even though we recently observed in 4443-yr-old Michelle Duggar that women over 40 do conceive naturally, pregnancy past 40 isn’t the norm.
On May 31 OB/Gyn Dr. Jennifer Ashton described on CBS’s The Early Show the staggering preborn death toll to achieve a successful 40+ pregnancy…

We’re seeing this more and more among celebrities, and it appears that 40 would be the new 30 when you’re talking about pregnancy and fertility. Not exactly the case.

celine and renee.jpg

“When you look at the numbers in terms of women and their fertility, there is no question it declines as they get older. We’re meant to reproduce in our early 20s. So, when you look at women in the 20-to-24 age group, only 7% will be infertile. When you go up over 40, that number approaches 30%. That’s because the quality of their eggs goes down and the number of their eggs goes down.”
Outside intervention to help start such pregnancies is “pretty common,” Ashton says. “Actually, there are 4 million births in the U.S. every year, approximately, and the estimates are that 1% of them, so that’s about 40k babies, were conceived using what’s called assisted reproductive technology. So, not totally mainstream, but very, very common.

sarah jessica parker matthew broderick.jpg

“There’s a whole spectrum of what we call assisted reproductive technology,” Ashton continued, “and it could be anything from in-vitro fertilization, which could be due to anything from sperm problems or egg problems, and then it could encompass donor egg, donor sperm and, in the most aggressive cases, uterine surrogacy…..” [Photo above is of 45-yr-old actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 48-yr-old actor husband Matthew Broderick, and 7-yr-old son James with twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, born June 22, 2009, via surrogate.]
How often do such pregnancies take hold and get carried to term?
When you look at … all cycles using non-frozen embryos, the success rate approaches about 30%,” Ashton says. “Now, that is heavily dependent on age. The older you get, whether you’re using your own egg or not, the success rate of a live birth goes down. Again, just because we’re seeing it in the 40s does not mean it’s easy.”

Dion underwent 5 failed IVF fertilization attempts before the 6th took.
Now to the hard truth. While these children are all blessings, the pathway of death to get them was immoral.
More of the hard truth: Liberal feminism trampling over biological norms has brought us to this point. The fertile female human body during her early 20s as well as the simultaneous increased male and female sex drive indicates women and men were instinctively built to have babies much earlier than is now societally accepted.
Feminists have actually not told women they “can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.” They’ve told women to 1st get educated to learn how to bring home the bacon, then begin bringing home the bacon, and then begin thinking about the home in which to fry it up in the pan, tinkering by 5 to 10 to 15 years with their biological clocks.
guttmacher abortion stats 20s.pngConversely, feminists have told young women and men not to strive for relational maturity during their prime reproductive cycle of the early 20s.
They say instead to sow wild oats during that highly fertile span of time. This only increases the likelihood abstinence until marriage cannot be achieved and that both parties will be bringing along damaged hearts and bodies when saying “I do.” And of course there’s abortion, highest in that age group, of course.
Women have been instructed to replace the desire for a husband and family with a desire for a career. They have been told children detract from rather than enhance whatever else women have going on.
This is not to say career and kids cannot coexist. The most perfect wife and mother ever described in the Bible, the Proverbs 31 woman, independently purchased real estate, planted her own vineyard, and made and sold goods.
But today’s career options often separate mothers from families rather than synergize them.
And so today we see women past their child-bearing prime pumping themselves with dangerous artificial steroids to conceive and bear children they belatedly realize they long for, killing many along the way and also increasing the odds of killing themselves.
[Top photo via Getty; bottom photo via the Associated Press]

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