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  • William McGurn on Gallup’s abortion poll results and pro-choice responses to it:
  • Now, let’s concede the critics their strongest point: It’s true that most Americans want abortion to remain legal. Not only that, the numbers suggest that at least some of those who describe themselves as pro-life nonetheless do not support making abortion completely illegal….

    Seldom, however, do the same critics delve much further than this. Possibly that’s because they would find that while most Americans may not want abortion illegal, the majority in every age group want it legal, as Gallup phrased it, “only under certain circumstances.”
    … Some object to the term pro-life on the grounds that it gives the anti-abortion movement an unfair advantage. Accordingly, a number of news organizations no longer use pro-life or pro-choice, the latest being National Public Radio. The thought here is that the word pro-life is fooling people.
    Now, if this were 1973, that might be an argument. But isn’t it just a wee condescending to suggest, after more than a generation of contentious moral and political debate, that the American people really haven’t figured out what pro-life and pro-choice mean?

  • The Times Online reports women in northern Italy who feel they can’t afford to have children are being offered 4,500 euros by the government to keep their children.
  • Wesley Smith has a column in Legatus Magazine discussing why assisted suicide is being promoted now:
  • In fighting assisted suicide since 1993, I have often pondered the “why now” question. I’ve found two answers: First, the perceived overriding purpose of society has shifted to the benefit of assisted suicide advocacy, and second, our public policies are driven and defined by a media increasingly addicted to slinging emotional narratives rather than reporting about rational discourse and engaging in principled analysis.
    Add in a popular culture enamored with social outlaws, and the potential exists for a perfect euthanasia storm.

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