Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health held its 2010 Abortion Provider awards ceremony on May 24. I always find pro-abort events creepily intriguing.
Winner of this year’s William K. Rashbaum, MD, Abortion Provider Award (which “honors a physician who provides outstanding abortion services and serves as an inspirational leader for colleagues, residents, and medical students”) was abortionist Carolyn Westhoff, presented by late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart
PRCH westhoff carhart.jpg
I concur Westhoff was well-deserving of this award, and partial birth abortion bud Carhart was just the guy to give it to her. Both were plaintiffs against the ban. Westhoff testified there was “usually a heartbeat” when she started suctioning a baby’s brain out and on the topic of fetal pain acknowledged, “I certainly know based on my experience that the fetus will withdraw in response to a painful stimulus.”…

According to PRCH Westhoff was also instrumental in bringing RU-486 to the U.S. Also:

… Westhoff is medical director of the NY Presbyterian Hospital Family Planning Clinic, professor of epidemiology and population and family health, and professor of obstetrics and gynecology, all at Columbia University…. In her 24 years at Columbia, she has expanded the hospital’s minimal abortion services into a robust program of patient care, training, and research.

prch coffee cup.png

Dr. Westhoff was a… founding member of PRCH… and serves on the board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

So seriously, with all those credentials, did PRCH really only bestow Westhoff with a little coffee cup bouquet? (Click photo to enlarge.)
Winner of the George Tiller, MD, Abortion Provider Award (which “recognizes a physician early in his or her career who provides abortions while demonstrating leadership and courage”) was abortionist Adam Jacobs (below top right). Presenters were widow Jeanne Tiller (below left) and daughter Rebecca (below bottom right). Click to enlarge….
tiller jacobs tiller.png
Read PRCH’s glowing bio of Jacobs here. When Paul Hill was executed for murdering abortionist John Britton and bodyguard James Barrett in 2003, Jacobs, a death penalty opponent, made this 6 degrees of confusing statement to, given his “live”lihood:

Paul Hill clearly believed not only that abortion is equivalent to murder, but also that it is OK to kill someone who has taken a life. The second view is something that most civilised people would find deeply repugnant. It is regrettable that the American ‘justice’ system has found such a dramatic way to reinforce that view.

prch susan woods.jpgIf you can decipher Jacobs’ logic, get back to me.
PRCH’s inspiring keynote speaker was Susan Wood, PhD (pictured right), who famously quit the FDA when it delayed okaying the morning-after pill for sale over-the-counter.
See photos of more abortionist luminaries at PRCH’s flickr page, where I retrieved all the photos above.
The event sounds like it was bloody beautiful.

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