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by Kelli

  • Generations for Life gives readers an insight into some of the philosophies of the Abortioneers blog.
  • Ethika Politika reports on the “avalanche” of state-level pro-life initiatives…
  • The 40 Days for Life blog has updates on the good reports that continue even in between campaigns:
  • One of the prayer participants in Columbia [MO] tells of a woman in a parked car who said she wanted to talk. This woman said that months ago, she had her mind set on having an abortion. But three times she arrived for her abortion appointment, and all 3 times there were people outside praying.
    3 times, she turned around and went back home without going in. Still, she made a 4th appointment.
    There were people praying again this time, but she went in anyway. But the Planned Parenthood staff said she was anemic, so they could not do the abortion.
    She had never been anemic – ever – but it just seemed that this abortion was NOT meant to happen. Then she said, “I want you to see the joy of my life — my 3-week-old baby boy!” She pointed to her baby in the back seat.
    “Yes, God is working even when we don’t know it,” said Kathy in Columbia. “How many babies are living in the womb – or have been born – because people stood on the sidewalk?”

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