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I think David Bereit and Shawn Carney have some of the best pro-life stuff going on with their 40 Days for Life ministry.
40 Days has just released a great promo video for its Fall campaign, which will run September 22 through (fittingly) October 31. Applications will be accepted July 21-31…

Conceived only 6 years ago in 2004, 40 Days went national and international in 2007. Since then 40 Days has spread to 307 cities in all 50 states, 6 Canadian providences, 3 Australian states, Denmark, and Northern Ireland….

40 days march.jpgThrough 40 Days, 350k people from 11k church congregations by the grace of God have saved the lives 2,811 babies, plied 35 abortion clinic workers from their deadly trade, and seen 5 abortion mills close before which they prayed. As recently as June 23 the National Women’s Health abortion mill in Raleigh, NC, announced it would stop committing abortions.
The abortion industry cannot stand 40 Days. Imagine your business being severely hampered by prayer warriors 40 days in a row twice a year. When this year’s Spring 40 Days campaign started, for instance, Jos at the pro-abortion site Feministing.com spat:

Today marks the start of “40 Days for Life,” a campaign of escalated harassment outside targeted reproductive health clinics….
While many clinics have regular street harassers, 40 Days engages folks who have never done this before. The campaign is framed as being mostly about prayer, and there will be an increased number of folks praying outside clinics. These people are using what should be a personal religious action to guilt and shame women….

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A heartfelt thanks to everyone taking on the unfortunately necessary work of increased clinic defense during this campaign of cruelty, lies, and hate.

How praying for and saving the lives of babies and mothers could be twisted as hateful is frankly the display of an abnormal mind, which is one of the aspects of abortion 40 Days participants pray against.

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