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JillStanek.com is joining forces with 30+ national pro-life organizations for a major online event this weekend: EndingAbortion.com.
Tomorrow Today, July 10, you are invited to be part of “Ending Abortion,” a huge, day-long, webcast mega-conference uniting the pro-life movement to…

1. Educate, equip, and empower pro-lifers to make a life-saving impact right where they live
2. Expand involvement in pro-life activities
3. Dramatically increase the prominence of pro-life concerns prior to the fall elections

Get all the details now at EndingAbortion.com.
The event will break the pro-life message up into 10 different hour-long focused topics (in Eastern time):
• 10a: The Case for Life
• 11a: The Abortion Crisis
• 12p: Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Empire
• 1p: The Power of Prayer
• 2p: Pregnancy Help Centers: Compassion in Action
• 3p: Saving Lives Outside Abortion Facilities
• 4p: Hope & Healing for Post-Abortive Women & Men
• 5p: Legislative & Political Efforts
• 6p: Pro-Life Youth Advocacy
• 7p: Influencing the Culture
During each topic, you will hear from 3 or 4 of the top pro-life leaders/experts in that subject area. See the list at EndingAbortion.com.
eduardo influencing the nation.jpgI’m pleased to announce I will be the opening act for Eduardo Verastegui, who will wrap up the Influencing the Culture session after me beginning about 7:40p EST. I’m glad the phone lines will be muted so I won’t have to shout through all the screaming… :)
I’m told thousands have already signed up to attend. Sign yourself up now!

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