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  • Abortion advocate Joyce Arthur attempted to respond to Andrea Mrozek and Rebecca Walberg’s piece about the incredible amount of guesswork and estimations involved in worldwide illegal abortion statistics. Here’s a portion of Mrozek’s and Walberg’s counter-response to Arthur:
  • Citing surveys of schoolchildren about whether they know someone who’s had post-abortion complications, as Ms. Arthur did in her piece, is baffling. We feel sure that a sizable number of Canadian schoolchildren might claim to know a friend of a cousin whose stomach exploded after combining Coke and Pop Rocks. Shall we launch a worldwide campaign against junk food on the strength of those numbers?…

  • The New York Times has a piece about last week’s Friday Night Lights episode in which one of the characters has an abortion.
  • Another day, more bad reporting on stem cell research. Katie Worth has an article in the San Francisco Examiner about the spending habits of CIRM, CA’s stem cell agency. Unfortunately, she didn’t do her research. She writes:
  • It was approved at a time when President George W. Bush had banned federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, and universities and other research institutions were forced to carefully separate their federally funded adult stem cell research from their privately funded embryonic stem cell research.

    I wonder what textbooks in 50 years will say about Bush’s 2001 decision to limit the federal funding of embryonic stem cells to embryonic stem cell lines created before August 2001.

  • Is it me or are the results of Planned Parenthood of CA’s 2 year undercover operation to expose CPCs incredibly weak:
  • CPCs tell women, incorrectly, that abortion leads to serious immediate and long-term complications including mental disorders, breast cancer, and future infertility.
  • Over half of the CPCs investigated highlighted mortality as a claimed complication from abortion.
  • Here’s the entire report.

  • The LiveAction blog embeds a video of young Lia Mills explaining how abortion isn’t a personal preference issue:
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