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Well, wow. When last we left Lilith Fair, its pro-abort organizers couldn’t explain to fomenting pro-abort supporters how several pregnancy care centers had landed on their voting roster for charities to support with ticket sales – and nixed them.
sarah mclachlan npr.jpgDespite attempts like that to please liberal feminist supporters, Lilith Fair is now in full meltdown mode, with Sarah McLachlan (pictured right at the July 15 Bonner Springs, KS, show) forced to cancel 13 of the 36 dates according to NPR… and counting….

It comes as no surprise to me that the blathering pro-aborts who threatened to boycott the Fair unless those hated prcs were driven off were just that, all blather. Despite the pro-abort victory, there was no loyalty, and they still failed to buy tickets.
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Alongside show date cancellations, acts themselves – sensing failure – are bailing. From Perez Hilton on July 17:
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Carly Simon is the latest performer to pull out of the Lilith Fair, citing medical reasons after the singer injured her foot….
This comes after Norah Jones and Kelly Clarkson have announced that they’re canceling their appearances on the tour too.
Is anyone still doing Lilith Fair??

NPR reports Rihanna has also quit. Also, according to NPR, one reason for Lilith Fair’s demise is liberal feminism is fading:

“We are in a different time now,” says Ann Powers, chief pop music critic for the Los Angeles Times. “On the one hand, there are many, many more visible women at the top of the mainstream pop scene. On the other hand, I think it’s arguable that there’s less consciousness.”

Indeed, I read one of the strangest interviews ever on the Ms. Magazine blog, a July 15 post entitled, “Is Lilith Fair feminist? Sarah McLachlan’s not sure.” Indeed. I still don’t understand why McLachlan would run away from the term – and to liberal feminist readers, no less:

Before taking the main stage, the ladies of Lilith… sat down for a late afternoon press conference where they discussed the challenges for women in the music industry – sexism, media imagery, even juggling motherhood and a career….
I still believed that Lilith Fair was an act of resistance…. I… ask[ed]: “Who here identifies as a feminist?”
I got a long pause, followed by nervous laughter.

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Finally [Brandi] Carlile [pictured left at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in June] spoke, “I don’t know, it means something different that it used to.”
Before I could ask what it meant now as opposed to then, McLachlan assumed the role of official spokesperson and began building a mystery:
It’s a tricky question, because it’s been redefined and I think we all define feminism to a certain degree. We all define femininity. I think we’re able to have a little more balance. There’s still fights to be fought. There’s still inequality, absolutely.
Not what I was expecting from the woman who founded Lilith Fair in 1997…. More than 10 years later, McLachlan seemed frightened of the F-word, equating it with “femininity”:
I think as long as we’re being mindful and honest with ourselves and doing what we feel is right, and that’s a very personal decision for all of us, if we’re going forth with that intention, then we are; we’re being feminists, we’re being humanists, we’re being feminine. We’re being true to ourselves, in every way, in every facet of our personalities….
Halfway through her lengthy, roundabout answer, McLachlan decided,
It’s more than just feminism. It’s gone above and beyond that now. At the same time… I have a great respect for the women who have gone before us, and who have had to struggle, and fight for every right….
Were those of us who saw this as a feminist gathering mistaken? I wondered, as McLachlan went on to describe injustice in Iran, where women are stoned for adultery:
We all live in such a bubble here in North America…. When we look out on the rest of the world, the atrocities that are happening to women everyday, it’s shocking. So when I think about those things, it makes me want to be more of a staunch feminist….
McLachlan tip-toed around feminism like it was a sleeping lion….

It seems to me the 2 pillars of liberal feminism – abortion and lesbianism – were at the center of the hesitancy. I think McLachlan was saying in so many words the feminist fight is now about way more – or way other? – than those. Why else overtly embrace her femininity?
The Lilith Fair debacle is but one sign of liberal feminism in crisis.
MacLachlan is right. There are ghastly atrocities being committed against women around the globe in Third World – mostly Muslim – countries. This presents a host of problems for liberal feminists, some of whom desire themselves to be so Muslim-friendly as to support genital mutilation.
I also now think listing pregnancy care centers as potential Lilith Fair donation recipients was no slip. It was MacLachlan’s attempt to help women in liberally unconventional ways as she grasped the bigger picture. It was a quickly retracted trial balloon.
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