Abortion isn’t very funny, as comedian Jimmy Kimmel is learning the hard way.
On June 25 the youth pro-life activist group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust was holding a Face the Truth event in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, as was their First Amendment right….

“Face the Truth” is pro-life speak for showing the public the reality of abortion via large graphic photos of aborted babies.

jimmy kimmel photo.jpg

While the pro-life protest was under way, a film crew showed up to tape a stunt across the street for Jimmy Kimmel Live, seen weeknights on ABC.
But members of the crew quickly became aggravated by the gory aborted baby-photos and turned two of the hot spotlights on Survivor Ryan Bueler.
In this video, one of many captured by the Survivors, a cameramen states several times he has turned the spotlight on Bueler and his sign because “I don’t want to see that,” and “The fact is, I don’t want to see it.”…

Continue reading my column today, “Jimmy Kimmel crew tries to fry pro-lifer,” at WorldNetDaily.com.

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