Imagine had Michael Vick been discovered not only to be into dog torture but braggadociously into baking cookies of mutilated dogs. We’d say he had an extra dose of sick in him.
No doubt pro-abort Rachel Joy Larris will clap her hands in glee by the attention I’m giving the bloody fetus cookies she cleverly baked and decorated. Rachel won’t get it because she has an extra dose of sick in her.
Rachel posted these photos and captions on twitpic yesterday (click to enlarge):
bloody fetus cookes 5.png

bloody fetus cookies 6.png
Rachel goes by NewsCat_in_DC on Twitter.
rachel larris larger.jpgYou might be prepared to excuse Rachel as a mindless teen, but as near as I can tell Rachel is at least 30 years old. Along with being a crazed culinary hobbyist, Rachel is a freelance writer, and I’ve found articles written by her as far back as 2000, which is how I got my age guesstimate. Shock, despite her grossly adolescent behavior, Rachel apparently completed grad school in ’05, Georgetown, no less.
Rachel’s bio on RH Reality Check (way to pick ’em, Jodi) states she is the “former Communications Director of American Forum and Project Director of the National Women’s Editorial Forum. She previously worked as an editor and blogger for”
Rachel appears to have a lot of former jobs, although none current. Perhaps instead of baking aborted baby cookies as a joke, Rachel should get herself a job at an abortion mill and then tell us how funny this all is.

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