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I just finished speaking on the Ending Abortion webcast event and said I would post my 10 quick tips on pro-life blogging, so here they are. Also, if you have any tips, please add them as comments….

1. You can set up a blog for free, or you can pay someone, but make sure your blog is as excellently and professionally done as possible. You’re not only representing yourself, you’re representing the pro-life movement.
2. Find a niche. Find a component of the pro-life movement that particularly interests you and develop that. Become an expert, the go-to person on that topic. There are hundreds of possibilities, including on the macro-level like abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, media bias, and politics; and the micro-level like 1st trimester abortions, post-abortion, a particular political figure, a particular news organization, Hollywood, a particular pro-abortion organization like Planned Parenthood or the Church of Scientology, or a geographical location like your state or county. (What is my niche? Troy Newman of Operation Rescue called me the “TMZ of pro-life blogs” the other day, which I think fits… :)
3. Think of your blog as a ministry or a mission, not as your personal ego builder. Try not to be territorial but generous. Link as often as possible to other pro-life blogs and news sources. Give credit where it’s due.
4. Blog strategically. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there. I blog perhaps 5% of what I could blog. I pray every day for God to guide me, and there are so many leads He has given me! I have to decide what topics will help us the most and damage the other side the most. I often write posts I think will demoralize the other side.
crazy hat 2.jpg5. Make it pithy. I am more of an editor than a writer. In journalism they say, “Edit until it hurts, and then edit some more.” I do. I keep honing until I get every extra word out of my post as possible. I also break up the posts with pictures and graphics, to keep people interested.
6. If you want more traffic, blog often. The simple fact is the more a person or group blogs, the more readers they get. That said, it’s better to write one solid, great post than several inane posts.
7. Cross post using social media. I post links to my stories on Twitter and Facebook.
8. Get your stories right. Check and recheck your sources. All you have is your reputation. You lose that and you lose your credibility. That said, if you get something wrong, which I certainly have despite my best efforts, be quick to apologize and retract. People forgive humbleness.
9. Get a thick skin. Get over yourself. Ultimately this is not about us, this is about saving innocent human lives. You cannot blog if you’re not willing to take shots, not only from the other side but our own side.
10. Develop a mission statement, and keep your eye on it when blogging. Mine is: will advance the pro-life issue through:
a. Pro-life apologetics
b. News dissemination related to the pro-life issue that is particularly important or has been overlooked or misrepresented by the mainstream media
c. Respectful debate

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