The August 6 Bay Citizen article’s title and subtitle pretty much say it all: “Planned Parenthood Golden Gate loses affiliation: National organization cuts Bay Area group off due to management problems.”

This is big news. PPGG is the most renowned if not biggest Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliate to fall to date.

For backdrop, when PPFA severed ties with PP of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties in June 2008, the Sun-Sentinel reported:

It’s only the second time in 90 years that a chapter has been expelled; the first was 10 years ago in Hawaii.

So this makes the 3rd. I noted on December 10, 2009, that PPGG had shut down its online store and wasn’t offering its Hanukkah “choice” cards that year either.  Those were apparently signs of trouble in the offing.

Ah, memories. Who can forget PPGG’s “A Superhero for choice,” the cartoon it produced in August 2005 showing pro-aborts blowing up and decapitating pro-lifers? PPGG quickly tried to remove the cartoon off the net after pro-lifers roundly criticized it, but nothing ever truly disappears off the net…

Like I said, memories. Anyway, here’s the dish, via Bay Citizen:

PPGG will be a PP no more as of Sept. 3.

A week ago, the board of PPFA voted to revoke the trademark. “They were not meeting our standards for administrative and fiscal management,” said Karen Ruffato, VP of affiliate services [who also shut down the aforementioned FL PP affiliate]….

The local nonprofit operates 7 health centers with locations in San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda and San Mateo counties. It provides health care services, including abortion….

Affiliates of the national organization use its medical standards and guidelines, educational materials and collective buying power to get better rates on supplies, like contraceptives, as well as the name. Without the PP affiliation, PPGG currently plans to keep running its clinics in Hayward, Oakland, San Francisco, San Rafael, Rohnert Park and San Mateo.

“We will continue our operations at all of our 7 sites,” said Therese Wilson, interim CEO of PPGG. “… We are working really hard to keep our doors open…” The service is now holding a contest among its staff to come up with a new name.

PPFA has assigned those counties now served by PPGG to 2 of its affiliates that operate in the region, PP Shasta-Diablo… and PP Mar Monte….

It’s possible that PP Shasta-Diablo and PP Mar Monte will open new clinics in those counties or take over some of PPGG’s, but no such plans have yet been finalized. “We are in open discussion and communication with the other affiliates,” said Wilson.

With roots dating back to 1923, a number of local PP services… merged under the Golden Gate umbrella in 1996.

In recent years, the group has struggled financially.

The recession has cut its fundraising revenue in half, according to Wilson. The CA state budget quagmire is adding to the pain, since, starting this month, PPGG will not get reimbursements from the state for Medi-Cal until a state budget is approved, which could take weeks or months. “This causes us to go deeper into reserves already critically depleted due to past budget delays,” Wilson wrote in an e-mail.

But the interim CEO, who has been serving since January 2010, said that some of the current crisis has been of PPGG’s own making. “To exacerbate these problems, over the past 3 to 4 years PP was not as attentive to its financial situation as it should have been. The result is the organization now finds itself in a desperate financial circumstance,” Wilson wrote. PPGG is now attempting a “turnaround,” she wrote, having cut expenses and increased revenue since January.

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