UPDATE 8/14, 12:40p: FoxNews.com is covering this story.

8/13, 3:55p: I reported August 3 that charges against pro-lifer Joseph Holland, a Northwestern University graduate student, were dropped after he was arrested outside Planned Parenthood’s Near North Side in Chicago on July 3.

PP staffers claimed Holland violated the city’s bubble zone ordinance, although video showed he was merely praying silently.

The same week Holland was arrested, pro-lifer David Avignone (pictured left), an MBA student at Loyola University Chicago, was also arrested at the same PP on the same charges.

The Thomas More Society, which represented both defendants, just announced great news:

“We are pleased that for the second time, the City of Chicago has dismissed the false charges of disorderly conduct against a man who was properly and legally exercising his First Amendment rights on the public way,” said [Peter] Breen, executive director and legal counsel at TMS. “We hope these 2 baseless cases involving alleged ‘Bubble Zone’ ‘infractions’ show the Chicago City Council why it should repeal this controversial ordinance altogether and cease efforts to scare pro-life people away from PP.”

Details about the ordinance, also per TMS:

The “Bubble Zone” ordinance applies outside local abortion clinics to prohibit approaching within 8 feet of a person to present a leaflet, sign or oral message to that person. TMS challenged the constitutionality of this ordinance, in agreement with the ACLU, in 2009.

Yes, the ACLU was also alarmed.

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