Well, the 3rd time wasn’t the charm.

Apparently the FL Board of Medicine doesn’t ever see a pressing need to revoke the medical license of its worst menaces, much less FL authorities sending this particular quack to prison.

The list of crimes late-term abortionist James Pendergraft has committed, as well as the slimy tag team  working at his 5 Central/South FL abortion mills (examples here and here), is too long for this post.

But CFNews13.com reported August 11 Pendergraft’s license has been suspended yet again. Apparently the clock on his 3rd suspension from earlier this year hasn’t even begun to tick, so the 2 suspensions will run back-to-back.

The inside scoop on the “troubled 31-yr-old employee” mentioned in the story who is the reason for Pendergraft’s current suspension is allegedly that she was a nurse I’ll leave unnamed who worked at Pendergraft’s Orlando’s Women Center and died of a drug overdose in September 1999, again allegedly from drugs she heisted from the mill. I got this information from a sidewalk counselor at the mill who is on friendly terms with employees there. And checking Pendergraft’s site, I see he’s currently offering an abortion/pap smear special (!), listed above left. Here’s that news story…

A Central FL doctor, who has been disciplined in the past for performing illegal abortions, is back in trouble again. The FL Board of Medicine has suspended Dr. James Pendergraft’s license for the 4th time. Pendergraft has certainly had a tumultuous medical career. According to documents from the Dept. of Health, his license has been suspended for doing illegal 3rd trimester abortions, distributing drugs without a license, and in 2004, the doctor ran into legal troubles. He was caught up in what prosecutors alleged was extortion in Marion Co. surrounding his abortion clinic there. He pleaded guilty to impeding justice. “I think it’s a wake-up call for us all when we have an individual who is allowed to practice medicine in a way that draws question as to both his credibility and capability,” said Aaron Liberman, the chairman of the Dept. of Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central FL. The doctor’s troubles don’t end there. Pendergraft was again before the Board of Medicine Saturday. Board members voted to suspend his license again for 1 year. This time he was accused in incidents related to a troubled 31-yr-old employee. The board said he: * Allowed the woman to administer narcotics to patients although she had no license to do so * Knew she abused drugs but gave her “free reign” to order drugs under his name * Prescribed steroids for the woman without medical justification The FDH said Pendergraft’s numerous suspensions will run concurrent to each other, and once they’re finished, he’ll be free to practice in the state of FL again. Liberman finds Pendergraft’s lenient punishment wrong. “Unfortunately, in the state of FL over the past many years, we have not seen the enforcement and the rigor (in) some other states like IA, IN, (and) MN,” Liberman said. He said if Pendergraft was in those states, it’s unlikely he would be eligible to get his license back…. In addition to the 1 year suspension, Pendergraft was fined $10k, given 3 years probation and will have to attend a course on record keeping.

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