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  • Police in the Philippines are looking for a young couple who allegedly buried a 7-month-old aborted child near a river.
  • The body of a woman who died at a Russian abortion clinic was loaded into a car and dumped in a forest:
  • Elena Oleinikova, an obstetrician, performed interruption of pregnancy operation on the patient identified as Gulzat E., a national of Uzbekistan, on July 29. The surgery was performed during the woman’s 15th week of pregnancy. The patient died on operation desk during the surgery. To conceal the traces of the crime, Oleinikova, the administrator of the clinic, and another employee loaded the body into a vehicle and then simply dumped it in Losyny Ostrov National Park.

The patient’s sister went to the police claiming that the doctors denied her access to the clinic and refused to provide any information about the relative. Investigators checked the records of surveillance cameras in the clinic: the footage showed the medics loading the woman’s body into the vehicle and then driving away.

  • A group called Midland Catholics for Life has put up a billboard image of an aborted child across from a Planned Parenthood in TX. PP’s reaction is typical:
  • “It’s a bully type mentality. These are the same individuals that stand outside the fence and make harassing and at times- obscene- comments to our clients”, says PPís Carla Holeva.

    Holeva believes the images on the billboard are doctored using Photoshop and are not medically accurate. CBS 7 asked Mrs. [Gina] Aaron [Midland CFL President] about that claim. “These are accurate photographs of babies that have been killed by abortion”, said Aaron…. “Individuals who have driven by and are upset and want to know who placed this sign, want to know if the info on it is correct, which it’s not, want to know if it’s medically accurate, which it’s not”, says Holeva.

    View the CBS7 video here.

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