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  • Abortionist Andrew Rutland is facing a malpractice lawsuit filed on behalf of Ying Chen’s 2-year-old daughter. Chen died from a fatal reaction to a local anesthetic after undergoing an abortion at Rutland’s chop shop:

The wrongful death lawsuit also names Dr. Lars Erik Hanson of San Gabriel, who owned the clinic and also attempted resuscitation efforts. The medical board on Thursday filed a disciplinary action against Hanson, accusing him of running an abortion clinic that was not adequately equipped or staffed.

Additionally, the board documents accuse Hanson of unprofessional conduct, alleging that after Chen suffered the reaction, Hanson fled the scene. A police officer had to return him to the clinic, where he allegedly refused to cooperate with the investigation. Hanson could not be reached for comment.

  • The LA Times has an article on a hormonal treatment that when given to the child during pregnancy can prevent a condition known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia which in females can lead to masculinized genitals.According to the article, the treatment might also reduce the likelihood that the child will be a homosexual.
    • The Press-Enterprise has a story on the funeral of Anyssia Escamilla (pictured left), a teen whose body was recently found months after her boyfriend killed her and dumped her body into a trash bin because she wouldn’t have an abortion:
    • The Rev. Steve Porter, pastor of the church that the family attends, said Anyssia died a martyr because she resisted Avitia’s insistence that she get an abortion. Police said a disagreement over how to handle her pregnancy was a motive in the killing.

      “She knew the baby in her was precious and she was going to protect the baby the best she could,” Porter said.

      The service was also a funeral for Angel, her unborn son, he said.

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