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  • Constantly troubled abortionist and abortion clinic owner Steven Chase Brigham is making the news again. This time for performing abortions in MD at one of the clinics he owns.One problem – he’s not licensed in the state of MD:

    The MD State Board of Physicians ordered Steven Chase Brigham, 54, to stop practicing medicine without a license at American Women’s Services, which has locations in Elkton, Baltimore, Cheverly, College Park and Frederick.

    According to the order, issued Wednesday, Brigham has been performing surgeries regularly in Elkton. He has performed 2 or 3 procedures twice a week for at least the past several months.

  • LOL pro-choice quote of the week from Rob at the Abortion Gang:

    Not sure if anyone saw it, but there used to be a show on TV called Lost. Two of the central characters that were at odds with one another through the entire series were the aptly charged Man of Faith (John Locke) and the Man of Science (Jack Shephard).

    And it got me thinking about the divide between the Pro- and Anti-choice crowds, and how we essentially have this same dynamic affecting these movements. You have the antis, whose faith tends to guide their approach and their dialogue on this issue. And you have the pros, who tend more towards using scientific facts to guide their dialogue and mission.

    What scientific facts guide abortion advocates?

  • The Washington Post has an article on how some proponents of ESCR are scared Geron’s clinical trial (which plans to use embryonic stem cells on patients with spinal cord injuries) is going to fail and burst the embryonic stem cell bubble:“There’s a lot of angst around these trials,” said Evan Y. Snyder, director of the stem cell program at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in San Diego. “There’s going to be this perception that if the cells do not perform well, the entire field will be illegitimate.”
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