Here’s a Saturday bonus, because it is so rich.

We’ve read ad nauseum the discouraging stories about pro-lifers deserting babies to vote for pro-aborts. But I’d never seen a story in the reverse – until today.

Background: Republican Rick Snyder is running for governor in MI against Democrat Virg Bernero.

Bernero is pro-abortion. Snyder says he is pro-life but has a rape/incest exception and also supports embryonic stem cell research to the point he donated $2k toward the 2008 MI ballot initiative that legalized escr and authorized its public funding.

In a bitterly contested move, since it had previously endorsed 4 of the 5 candidates running for governor for other offices (everyone but Snyder), the MI Right to Life PAC endorsed Republican Mike Cox in the August 3 primary, who went on to lose. MI RTL was in part blamed for Snyder’s victory.

On August 25 Snyder named Brian Calley as his running mate. Calley is so pro-life he lists his membership to MI RTL on his bio – posted on Snyder’s website.

Ok, so against that backdrop here’s the August 26/27 WILX story. Democrat nominees apparently can’t get a break. Even pro-aborts are defecting:

… But a recent Voice of the Voter Poll shows the abortion issue isn’t divided along party lines.

“Pro-choice voters are only supporting Bernero by 6 points, 43-37, over Snyder.”

A sign that GOP candidate Rick Snyder is gaining on Democratic pro-choice voters.

“They’re unsure of what Snyder’s position is,” says Epic-MRA Pollster Bernie Porn. “They know that Right-to-Life didn’t endorse him, so they think he must not be that bad on the abortion issue.”

Snyder leads overwhelmingly among pro-lifers. Porn says the margin will only grow with conservative Brian Calley on the GOP ticket. He thinks this could spell trouble for Democratic nominee Virg Bernero. [Screen shot from WILX’s broadcast story.]

If he can’t win among pro-choice voters, well that’s a big problem for him,” Porn says.

No matter how important the abortion issue is, political analysts say jobs and the economy still remain at the top of voters’ lists. That’s why they think Democrats in MI and across the nation are at a disadvantage.

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