This afternoon CO Personhood Amendment 62 proponents filed a lawsuit against the CO Legislative Counsel to stop it from distributing ~3 million voter guides called the Blue Book, which are supposed to provide a “fair and impartial analysis” of ballot measures.

PA62 proponents charge in their suit the Blue Book is “glaringly biased” against the measure and contains false information.

For months PA62 proponents have been wrangling with the Legislative Counsel over the “Arguments for” and “Arguments against” sections.

Ultimately, the counsel rejected every single one of their suggestions while including suggestions by opponents for both the “for” and “against” sections  – most of it utter nonsense (see pages 16,17).

There is also a conflict of interest. Attorney Kevin Paul is legal counsel to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Meanwhile Paul sits on the Secretary of State’s Best Practices and Vision Commission, which advises Blue Book writers.

It’s always something, and it’s always uphill.

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