I noted last week a remarkable number of current GOP candidates are pro-life without a rape/incest exception. HuffPo reports the Republican National Coalition for Life agrees “there are absolutely more candidates this election cycle” who are pro-life sans exceptions. It has endorsed 63 of them – and it doesn’t endorse otherwise.

Pro-aborts are alarmed. Once they lose this previously reliable wedge that has kept many compassionate Americans from outright opposing abortion, they know they don’t have many other emotional appeals up their sleeve.

Pro-aborts also know pro-life legislators without exceptions aren’t pliable. They don’t succumb to pressure or arguments.

So Democrat big mouth pro-abort Rep. Alan Grayson, who previously accused Republicans opposing Obamacare of wanting sick people to “die quickly,” has a new attack ad out calling his opponent “Taliban Dan Webster,” in part because Webster is pro-life without exceptions…

Grayson accused Webster of having the same mindset as Muslim fanatics for daring to quote well-known Scripture. “Hands off our bodies – and our laws,” states Grayson’s ad. Sorry, but abortion wasn’t legalized by law. It was only legalized by a liberal Supreme Court decision, speaking of fanatics. More on the the misleading ad and Webster from the Orlando Sentinel:

Grayson has attacked Webster for sponsoring a bill 20 years ago that would give couples the option of entering a “covenant marriage” in which divorce would be allowed only in cases of adultery….

Webster stands in stark contrast to his opponent. He is the low-key owner of an air-conditioning business who spent 28 years in the Legislature, serving as House speaker and Senate majority leader before being term-limited out in 2008.

While Grayson has released an internal poll showing him with a 13 point lead (and which totals 101%), RealClearPolitics is saying this district “Leans GOP,” and Grayson didn’t sound so sure of his victory in a recent meeting with Nancy Pelosi, as reported by Politico September 22:

Pelosi was confronted last week by concerned members who wanted to know what the party could do to match the groups on the right. Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, saying that he was being hit with hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads from a senior-citizens group backed by the drug industry, used the freshman class’s regular meeting with Pelosi last week to ask what the party was doing to respond.

Help get rid of a real slime dog, and get a solidly pro-life good guy in the process. Donate to Webster’s campaign.

[HT: Hot Air]

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