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  • Abortionist Stephen Brigham is now accused of violating the standards of care for at least 2 more patients. Here are some more details about Brigham’s abortion of a 33-week child with Down Syndrome:

    In early August, Brigham performed an abortion for a 35-year-old Canadian who was 33 weeks pregnant, the documents show. The fetus had Down syndrome but was otherwise viable…..

    The procedure on the Canadian patient “seriously violated medical standard of care and, to my knowledge, is not sanctioned by any statute or regulation,” Dr. Gary Brickner wrote in an expert opinion to the medical board. He noted that the woman’s pregnancy “did not involve a fetus with a lethal defect or a condition dangerous to the mother’s health.”

  • At the Abortioneers blog, “anti-anti” has a post entitled “Deception” in which she relates a story about how she called a CPC and lied about possibly being pregnant. The CPC does nothing deceptive. They say they offer free pregnancy tests, don’t have a doctor on staff and could give her information at the center. She somehow surmises that because the CPC wouldn’t give her medical information over the phone that “they wanted me to come in so they could hold me hostage and force feed me propaganda.””Anti-anti” then notes the website of a CPC in MI which she calls “*sorta* honest.” So who’s being deceptive?
  • At Feministe, a guest blogger posts a video by the Center for Reproductive Rights about the Hyde Amendment. Besides a fundraising gimmick, I don’t see the point of the video. Yes, when tax dollars don’t pay for elective abortions, women who are poor and want elective abortions have to pay for the abortion themselves. They don’t like this. Tell us something that isn’t obvious. I guess it does note that the federal government only paid for 85 abortions in 2006 (Hyde doesn’t restrict funding for abortions because of rape, incest or life of the mother).
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